Hot Slot by Red Tiger is a 5-reel & 1-row online slot with 1 paylines and a 94.87% RTP. Playable on all devices from €0.2 to €40 per spin, Hot Slot is a high volatility game with a max win capped at 2100x your stake.

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Hot Slot Main

Special Features

  • Hot Reels
  • Free Spins
  • Hot Free Spins
  • Mystery Prize Bonus

Hot Reels

Hot Slot Hot Reels

Reel 4 is the first Hot Reel and is activated after every win. The reel contains win multipliers of up to 5x, a Free Spins trigger symbol and a Reel 5 symbol which triggers the 5th and final reel. Reel 4 doesn’t guarantee a feature or win upgrade and often lands in between symbols.

Reel 5 is far trickier to trigger and is only activates by landing the Reel 5 symbol on reel 4. Reel 5 contains red win multipliers of up to 10x, Hot Free Spins symbols, and Mystery Prize Bonus symbols. Reel 5 guarantees a winning symbol, unlike reel 4.

Free Spins

Hot Slot Free Spins

The Free Spins symbol from reel 4 triggers 5 free spins with added wilds

Hot Free Spins

The Hot Free Spins symbols from reel 5 trigger 25 free spins with added wilds. Both free spins features can be retriggered.

Mystery Prize Bonus

Hot Slot Prize Bonus

The Mystery Prize Bonus symbol randomly selects one of the Mystery Prize Bonuses available which are wins of 100x the bet, 200x the bet, or 1,000x the bet.

Design & Symbols

Although not overly complex, Hot Slot is aesthetically pleasing. The background is mainly a deep blue colour with blurred images in shades of blue and red. The reel set rests on a central plinth which appears to be floating in this strange, otherworldly realm where fireflies are the only source of life other than the spinning reels.

Hot Slots Special Symbols

The cylindrical reel set comes with transparent curved reels. Each end of the cylinder, and between each reel are strips of neon blue. Above the reels, the ‘HOT SLOT’ logo is in a burning orange neon with animated flames lapping up around it. The mechanical whirr of the reels can be heard in between spins. The only other sounds are futuristic clinks, bleeps, and the occasional crescendo which accompany winning spins or demark the start of a feature.

Hot Slot Symbols

Low value symbols are mixed bars, blue bars, violet bars, and green bars. High value symbols are red sevens and the diamond wilds. The wild is the highest paying symbol, awarding 100x the bet size. Cherries are special symbols award low value wins.

Hot Slots Symbols

Our Thoughts on Hot Slot

I have conflicting emotions with regards Hot Slot. On the one hand, one payline slot would rarely spark my interest, but Hot Slot has a significant amount going for it considering the lack of reel space.

The bonus reels add depth to gameplay not often seen on a retro fruity, which tend to be unimaginative and often lazy slots. The developer has worked hard to engage the player, which is good. The design is also a cut above your average ‘retro’ slot, which results in it looking anything but retro. There are, however, problems. Firstly, a top RTP of 94.87% is shockingly low in this day and age. I normally wouldn’t consider playing anything under 96% without good reason, so below 95% seems a bit much. Secondly, without the features, the game would be super tedious, and even with the features, most payouts are on the low side.

Having said all that, I was, on the whole, surprised at how much I enjoyed my time at the controls. I can’t promise I’d ever play it for real money, but the fact that I remain unsure is testament to Hot Slot as this genre of the slot is almost always not for me. There will be a market for this slot for sure, and I would rate it as above average for this genre.