Helpful facts for those looking for the highest RTP slots

Whether you’re an experienced or a novice player, here are a few short and simple facts in bullet points that might help save you money long term when gambling on slots online.

Quick facts about high RTP slots:

  • Some providers offer multiple versions of the same game, but with different RTP percentages.
  • Casinos can choose their preferred version at their own discretion.
  • Reputable casinos prefer sticking to the highest possible version, while shady casinos more often than not opt for the lower versions see our list of reputable casinos here.
  • Depending on regulation and market, players might not have access to the highest RTP version of a slot (example; Germany and Austria, where casino taxes are higher)

How playing on lower RTP slots impacts your bankroll and losses over time.

Jackpot slots always have a lower RTP percentage and here’s why

The reason online slots with a jackpot have a lower RTP compared to games that don’t is that a predetermined percentage of the game’s total RTP is withheld in order to seed the jackpot.

A small portion of all bets placed and wagered on a progressive jackpot slot goes straight to the jackpot. Over time, the prize pool will grow bigger and bigger, as more players place bets. This is what is known as a “progressive jackpot”.

Using one of the perhaps most popular jackpot slots of all time; Microgaming’s “Mega Moolah”, this slot title has an RTP of 88.12%, where the progressive jackpot contribution is at 5.30%

The RTP-conscious player will in most cases steer clear of progressive jackpot slots due to the low percentage. Then again, the target audience is anyone willing to make a small bet in hopes of winning a life-altering sum of money, where this type of slots, in particular, have jackpots that pay millions - sometimes in the hundreds of - in money.

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