Fruit Mania Slot

We all have that favourite type of slot game we always go for. Maybe yours has a particular theme, or maybe it has similar mechanics to another which you enjoy. Perhaps you like going for classic fruit slots; if that is the case, then you will definitely want to try out Fruit Mania by Gamomat. This highly volatile fruit slot has five reels, five pay lines and an RTP of 96.12%. If you didn’t get the theme of the slot from reading the name, here’s a little hint: classic fruit slot. The design and symbols are very much fitting within the fruit theme, given that the majority are all fruit symbols. Fruit Mania has a lot of potential when it comes to wins, but unlike other slot games, special features do not make a big contribution to these possible wins.

Design and Symbols

gamomat - fruit mania - reels - casinogroundsdotcom When it comes to the symbols in Fruit Mania, you won’t find any wilds or scatters like you would in your typical slot game. The highest paying symbol is the golden seven followed by the bell, watermelon and grape. The lower paying symbols are the orange, lemon and cherry. As for the music, here we find exactly what you’d expect from a land-based fruit slot. First, you have a minute or two of silence until you pull the lever, or in this case the spin button. Once you do, your typical annoying fruit machine tune comes on. Luckily for us, it’s not ongoing, since the little jingle only plays while you’re spinning.

Special Features

What probably sets Fruit Mania apart from the rest is the lack of your typical special features. Here you won’t find a bonus game or free spins; the only way to get more money through the special features in Fruit Mania is to use the gamble feature. Not that you really need it though, as the base game pays out a decent amount on its own.

Gamble Feature

gamomat - fruit mania - gamble ladder- casinogroundsdotcom Given that this is the only special feature within Fruit Mania, we would be surprised if there was only one gamble feature present. This feature will not work during autoplay mode, so if you want to gamble your winnings, we’re afraid that you have to play old school and keep pressing play. There are three gamble features here:

  • Card Colour: Pick between red and black, If you guess correctly, you double your winnings. If you choose incorrectly, you forfeit all your winnings.
  • Card Suit: Pick between the four suits: hearts, diamonds, spades and clubs. If you guess correctly you quadruple all your winnings. If you choose incorrectly, you forfeit all your winnings.
  • Ladder Gamble: Once you choose this feature, a ladder with different numbers will pop up in front of you. Your task is to click the ladder button and land on the upper number. You can either collect your winnings, reach the top and win, or hit the bottom and forfeit all your winnings.

Reviewers’ thoughts on Fruit Mania

We have to admit that the only available feature being the gamble one was a bit disappointing for us. We’re used to having at least some form of wild feature or free spins present. However, we did find the potential of big wins in the base game to be refreshing, given that usually, you need to hit the free spins to win big. We also found the fact that you never have to wait for the scatters to show up and activate the bonus games as a plus.  We encourage you to record your spins and share them with our forum members as it's not every day that someone wins big during the base game.

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