East Coast Vs West Coast by Nolimit City released on 02.02.2021 is a 5-reel & 3-row online slot with 84375 ways to win and a 96.04% RTP. This is an American Rap-themed game offering players a max win of up to 30618x their stake. East Coast Vs West Coast can be played on all devices from €0.2 to €100 per spin and is considered a high volatility game.

  • Win over 30,000x
  • 3 Types of Free Spins
  • Packed with Reel Enhancers

Nolimit City is back with another action-packed slot with the US rap themed release, East Coast vs West Coast. Making full use of their patented xWays and xNudge features, Nolimit City pit East Coast vs West Coast rap in a slot battle for the ages. Free spins with a clutch of reel enhancers added to this slot’s ultra-high variance math model make for an explosive combination.

Where to play

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How to win big in East Coast vs West Coast – Free Spins

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3 or 4 scatters triggers a choice of 8 or 10 East Coast or West Coast spins. 5 scatters triggers 12 Coast to Coast spins.

West Coast Spins

Highly volatile, West Coast spins take you to the laid back, sun-drenched streets of LA with a guarantee of a reel enhancer on every spin. There are 4 enhancers which change randomly on every spin. The chosen enhancer will appear above the reel(s) they will land on and could be: xWays: 1-3 reels land a 2 or 3 symbol high xWays symbol. On completion of the spin, the xWays symbol transforms into 2 or 3 of the same, randomly selected regular symbols.

xNudge: 1-2 reels land a wild symbol. The wild steps up or down to cover the entire reel. With each step it takes to fill the reel a 1x multiplier is added to the wild reel value. Two xNudge wilds appearing on the same spin and forming part of the same win have any multipliers added together.

Multiplier: 1-3 reels are given a multiplier value of between 2x and 5x. All symbols on those reels have this multiplier value applied. In this instance multipliers on different reels forming part of the same win have their values multiplied.

Linked Reels: 2-4 adjacent reels land the linked reel enhancer whereby all affected reels land the same symbols.

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In West Coast spins, roadblock signs above reels 4 and 5 mean that no reel enhancer can appear on those reels. The reels still form part of the main game, but if (for example) reels 2, 3, and 4 are chosen to have linked reels, only reels 2 and 3 will actually benefit from the enhancer. Landing a bonus symbol during free spins adds two more spins and unlocks one of the road blocked reels. A second bonus symbol adds 2 spins and unlocks the final road blocked reel. It also switches the free spins road to Coast to Coast spins.

East Coast Spins

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East Coast spins are even more volatile as you spin the reels among the skyscrapers and mean streets of New York. During East Coast spins the same reel enhancer is applied to every spin:

Infectious xWays: 1-2 reels benefit from Infectious xWays. Infectious xWays work the same as regular xWays and also come in the form of 2 or 3 symbol high symbols. However, once they have transformed into regular symbols, all other examples of that symbol on the board also expand to 2 or 3 symbols high, depending on which size Infectious xWays symbol landed. Infectious xWays have the potential to hugely increase the number of ways to win.

In East Coast spins, roadblock signs above reels 1 and 2 mean that no reel enhancer can appear on those reels. As with West Coast spins, scatter symbols each add 2 spins, and landing 2 within the allotted number of spins transfer you to Coast to Coast spins.

Coast to Coast Spins

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Coast to Coast Spins are triggered by landing 5 scatter symbols or as explained from East or West Coast spins.
Coast to Coast Spins have all 5 enhancers available to them, and two different enhancers appear on every spin. All reels are open to enhancers on every spin and all 5 reels may be covered by enhancers. Additional scatter symbols each add 2 extra spins.

add coast to coast win with xWays and multipliers)

Special Features

  • Up to 84,375 Ways to Win
  • Drive By Respin
  • Buy a Bonus

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East Coast vs West Coast uses a ‘ways to win’ mechanic whereby matching symbols anywhere on adjacent reels from the leftmost reels form part of a payline. The total number of paylines on the initial 5x3 board is, therefore, 3x3x3x3x3 = 432. Due to xWays and Infectious xWays reel enhancers, all reels can expand to incorporate many more symbols. Stretched to capacity, this slot boasts 15x15x15x5x5 = 84,375 ways to win. Landing 2 scatters triggers the Drive-By Respin feature where one East Coast or West Coast free spins is awarded with one of their given reel enhancers.

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Players wishing to forgo the trouble of playing the base game have the option to buy the ‘No Limit Bonus’. For 80x the bet size you can opt for 8 East Coast or 8 West Coast spins. If you’re prepared to pony up a whopping 420x the bet, however, you can bypass these and go straight for 12 of the highly lucrative Coast to Coast spins (this feature in unavailable to UK players).

Look and Feel of East Coast vs West Coast

Nolimit City have done it again. They’ve delivered an excellent slot packed with excitement, potential, a superb design, and an original and thoughtful narrative. Set in the 90’s, the pinnacle of the East vs West Coast rap battles which shaped much of the decade’s culture as well as its soundscape, this is a slot with attitude. The artwork is colourful and designed to look like the work of a graffiti artist. The main game is played against a backdrop on a sun-dappled Rodeo Drive type boulevard with palm trees lurching high above the streets below where a red convertible cruises down the road. Half way across the screen the hazy summer sky fades into the smog of the city, with skyscrapers and the more claustrophobic streets of New York.

Throughout the game there are any number of cool animations to accompany bonus rounds and enhancers activating. There are also plenty of graffiti-type slogans and phrases appearing on screen which add to the games vibe. The soundtrack is also immense. It starts off with a laid-back G-Funk beat, reminiscent of early Snoop Dogg or Warren G, before some East Coast horns kick in. This is fantastic stuff.

Low value symbols are the standard royals 10-A. Premiums include a Boom Box, and American Pitbull, and 3 US Presidents (Washington, Lincoln, and Franklin) dressed as rappers on dollar bills. Naturally, it is Benjamin Franklin, the face of the 100 dollar bill who is the most valuable, awarding 7.5x the bet size for 5 adjacent symbols.

Naturally, as tends to be the case with these Nolimit City games, the volatility is cranked up to the max so expect to invest a bit of time and effort to reap any rewards. The features are thoroughly absorbing, with never a dull moment to be had. If you’re lucky enough to get to the Coast to Coast spins without spending a fortune, you can expect a pretty tidy win. This is yet another big win for Nolimit City, the (relatively) little studio with big ambitions.

Disclaimer: the game’s RTP and min/max bet may vary depending on operator and jurisdiction. Use our data as a pointer, but always make sure you check the real RTP by locating the help file directly in the game itself once loaded.