Cash Noire by NetEnt is a 5-reel & 4-row online slot with 1024 ways to win and a 96.06% RTP. Playable on all devices from €0.2 to €200 per spin, Cash Noire is a medium volatility game with a max win capped at 1033x your stake.

Special Features

  • Avalanche
  • Clue List & Crime Zone
  • Mystery Symbol
  • Free Spins


An Avalanche takes place each time a winning combination of symbols lands. Once the win has been calculated, the winning symbols disappear in a puff of smoke to be replaced by symbols falling from above. Avalanches continue on the same spin credit until no new wins are formed.

Crime Zone & Clue List

Cash Noire crime zone

The Crime Zone & Clue list work together in order to progress a player towards triggering free spins. The Crime Zone starts off as a random 3 symbol area of the 5x4 gameboard which is demarked by a red outline around the chosen symbols – known as ‘hotspots’. The Crime Zone changes location on each spin to cover different symbols is different configurations. The only thing they have in common is that the symbols making up the Crime Zone must be adjacent to one another either horizontally or vertically.

To the left of the gameboard is the Clue List, which runs from the bottom of the board to the top. The clue list comprises polaroid pictures from the crime scene. When a symbol in the Crime Zone forms part of a winning combo, you move one clue further up the Crime List. Two symbols forming part of a winning combo moves you two clues up the Crime List, etc, etc. Upon reaching the 3rd clue and 7th clues on the list, the Crime Zone increases in size by one symbol. Free Spins are awarded upon reaching the 13th clue. All 13 clues must be reached in the same Avalanche. A losing Avalanche resets the Clue List to zero.

Mystery Symbol

Cash Noire mystery symbol

The Mystery Symbol appears as a safe with a question mark. The Mystery Symbol reveals a regular symbol from the paytable at the end of a spin. A Mystery Symbol in the Crime Zone duplicates to every symbol therein, and all reveal the same regular symbol.

Free Spins

Cash Noire Free spins

6 Free Spins are awarded for reaching the top of the clue list. During free spins, the Clue List is replaced with a city chase. Instead of moving you up the Clue List, each winning symbol landing in the Crime Zone now moves you to a new location on the map.

  1. The Crime Zone is set at 5 symbols throughout free spins, thus creating more chances to move across the map. Every 7th location point reached on the map adds a win multiplier to all future wins. Other random location points on the map add 2 free spins to your total. The current win multiplier value and remaining free spins are shown on neon signs to the right of the gameboard. Reaching the final location marker on the map sets the win multiplier at 10x and awards 3 free spins.

Design & Symbols

Cash Noire main

NetEnt have done a great job in creating the dark and sleazy world in which Detective John Flint operates. The action takes place at night inside the unlit office of Detective Tom Flint’s Black Cat Agency. To the left of the gameboard is a corkboard on the agency wall with all of Flint’s clues pinned to it. This makes up the game’s previously mentioned ‘Clue List’. To the right of the board a mysterious woman sits, legs crossed and smoking a cigarette, on the edge of a desk looking through the gaps in the window blinds into the street below.

The gameboard is designed to resemble a dimly lit neon street sign. The symbols take up all available reel space and each one, be it an object or a character, appear only in the shadows, in keeping with the film noir theme. The reels spin to the sound of a ticking clock, meanwhile the constant soundtrack is suitably suspenseful, reminiscent of the Jason Bourne movies. Furthermore, throughout the game a voiceover is present, telling the story of the murders and investigation in parts – very much like you’ll hear in movies of the genre. Phrases such as, “It all started when SHE walked in”, and “Hindsight is 20/20” or “I understand everything, the connection is clear” can be heard intermittently during a Cash Noire session.

Cash Noire Symbols

Low value symbols are a magnifying glass, a book of matches, an ace of spades playing card, a tumbler of whiskey, a dagger concealed by a stockinged leg, and a revolver. High value symbols are 2 male and two female characters. The male characters are Detective Tom Flint and the chief suspect in the Green Ace murders, Pit Viper. The female characters are an unnamed broad in pearls and long black leather gloves, and Lola Leclair, the owner of the Cat’s Eye bar where the murders took place. Lola is the highest paying symbol, with 5 on a payline awarding 4x the bet size.

Our Thoughts on Cash Noire

NetEnt has obviously put a lot of work into Cash Noire. The theme and narrative are very strong, as are the visual and audio elements. The features are also innovative and engaging. On the downside the wins and the variance are very lows. Reasonable wins are attainable, but they are hard to come by.

This isn’t going to be a preferred game for fans of volatility, the thrills, and spills of a chase around the city aren’t going to raise the heartbeats of these veteran slotsmiths. That being said, there is certainly a very large transient market to which this slot will appear, as well as to those among us who play more for recreation than for the thrill of chasing some mega jackpot at any cost.

Cash Noire is going to divide opinion, with fans gushing over its atmospheric and aesthetic excellence and others who will dismiss it as style over substance.