Reel Race Explained

A Reel Race is a casino tournament where players compete with each other for amazing prizes. All players can take part on a reel race. The only thing you need is to have an account on the online casino which organizes the race. Usually a Reel Race involves one particular slot machine and the goal is to collect the most points. Also never forget to register for a Reel Race you want to participate. Only after registering you can compete. Registering to a Reel Race is extremely easy, usually casinos have the register button on the page that promotes the particular Reel Race.

How Does a Reel Race Work?

On a Reel Race players will all play one particular slot machine for a predetermined number of spins. The number of spins can vary depending on the video slot the race is taking place. Moreover, each race has a time span which can also differ depending on the slot. Usually Reel Races last for approximately 30 minutes, and include a couple of hundred spins. As we said, the goal is to collect points. You can collect points by winning. The more winning spins you get on the slot, where the race takes place, the more point you will get. Furthermore the amount of points depends also on how big a win is. Thus bigger wins will give more points. Keep in mind that a Reel Race counts a slot win, in amount of x the stake. In other words, any win you make will be in correlation to the bet size. For example a player who wins 100 on a 1 bet will get more points than a player who wins 500 on a €10 bet. The player with the most points wins the race and grabs the biggest prize. However this is not a winner takes all tournament. Therefore, players who make it to a certain spot on the race will win a number of smaller cash prizes.

Additional Info

During a Reel Race a progress table will show in real time the progress of the race. In this table you can check your spot on the race, the leader-board, as well as anyone else who is participating in the tournament. Moreover you can take part on a reel race both with cash balance and with bonus money. In addition, if you manage to win a prize, the wager on that prize will usually be 0. Therefore, if you win a cash prize on a Reel Race, you can withdraw the cash without the need to do any wager. However this is not always the case for all online casinos.


Expert slot players have developed strategies for optimal play during a Reel Race. These strategies will not guarantee a win by any means. However they will give you an edge against other player taking part in the race. Remember that only specific slot machines allow you to implement strategies, while on others you have to rely only on luck. An example of such strategies comes from the slot Vikings Runecraft. Here thanks to the game features players can trigger different types of points boosters that will propel then towards the leader-board.

Where can I find a Reel Race?

At the moment there are a number of online casinos which organize Reel Races. The most notable is Casumo which has up to 3 Reel Races every single day. Reel Races are very popular among casino streamers, as the excitement of gaining and losing spots on the race makes for an entertaining experience. On the clip below you can check LetsGiveItASpin get a big win on the Viking Runecraft video slot, while being on the top spot in a Reel Race:

Have you ever take part on a Reel Race? Have you ever won one? What is the best spot on a Reel Race you have ever gotten? Let us know on CasinoGrounds Forum!

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