CasinoGrounds Points

Welcome to the Casinogrounds points page! 

This is our portal for you to keep track of your points accumulated by watching and following Casinogrounds streamers on Twitch and Youtube.

Where can I find them?

You can check your points following these links:

What are these points for?

These points can be used at a selection of CasinoGrounds raffles, promotions, and merchandise.

How do I collect?

You can collect the points by watching and following any of the CasinoGrounds streamers channels


When watching our streamers on twitch, you will receive points for both following and watching our streamers live.

  • Collect 1 point per 15 minutes (maximum 6 hours / 24 points per day)
  • Collect 20 points by following any of our CasinoGrounds Streamers


  • By participating in the chat during a livestream (max 24 points per day) © 2018