Welcome to k_blackwod to CasinoGrounds!

New Streamer: Welcome K_Blackwood

Profile_Picture_kblackwoodWelcome to Kristina AKA ‘’K_Blackwood’’ to CasinoGrounds. Another top streamer joins the troops as we celebrate one of the first female casino streamers on Twitch to our ranks. Kristina has been around since 2016 and is now making her comeback after a period on the down-low. You can expect a whole lot of fun and games, and some pretty volatile slots in her streams. Some of you might remember her from our biggest wins from 2017 video where she just made the cut with a win of 1157x on Vampires. 

Experienced gambler

Kristina has been a gambler since she was legally allowed.  Her Knowledge of the table games, slots or Igaming industry in general, is admirable. As an active member of our community you’ve most probably seen her answering questions in our forum, so if you have questions about online casinos or games, she’s always happy to discuss anything from video slots to the best ways to play at one of her favourite casinos found on her Twitch Channel.  

‘’…I moved to Malta shortly after to work in the Igaming industry to be able to know everything about casino from a players side and an operators side.’’

K_blackwood StreamsK_blackwood Casino Streamer - Feature in CasinoGrounds Biggest Wins 2017

K_blackwood is now close to reaching 3000 followers.  What we have used to see on her streams are sensible bets, good music and a smiling hostess. Although Kristina started her streaming career a long time ago; only one thing has changed which is her hair colour. Otherwise, the confident and happy host is the same! You usually find her streaming at Wunderino or Cherry Casino

“I love Wunderino, they have all my favourite games, and they always try to improve and bring more game providers on board, what is important to stand out in the world of online casinos. The withdrawals via PayPal are super quick, and I get my wins within 5 minutes…”

Kristina does not have a schedule for her streaming yet, but your more likely to find her streaming throughout the evenings than and weekends. To keep track,  please remember to follow her so you will get notified whenever she goes live.

Welcome back Miss Blackwood, and from all of us here at Casinogrounds; get in! 

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