Red Tiger launches Hourly Jackpots

Red Tiger, an innovative games provider, has recently launched an Hourly Jackpot for us, jackpot lovers. Not only does Red Tiger offer this splendid hourly jackpot, but they also provide us with a daily Jackpot drop and a “Super Drop Jackpot”.

From last week, we could find a welcome addition to Red Tiger’s Jackpot Drops, namely Hourly Jackpots. Now all Red Tiger players contribute not only to The daily and Super Drop Jackpot but an Hourly as well! 

Some Big Wins Already 

Since launching back in April 2019, the Jackpot drop has become incredibly popular amongst players, with over €8 million in cash prizes.

In August, the Daily Drop Jackpot Network paid out its biggest-ever daily prize with one Betsson’s player banking a whooping €78,429 from a €2 stake on Dragon’s Luck Power Reels.

If you haven’t already worked it out from the promotions name “Hourly Jackpot Drops” that is precisely what happens. The Hourly Jackpot Drops, drops every hour (60 minutes). This means there are 24 chances to win every day, 168 opportunities each week and around 672 possibilities of becoming one of the lucky jackpot winners each month! 

The highly popular Jackpot product is available across all of Red Tiger’s titles across casinos… It is designed to appeal to all of us players, giving us a chance to win jackpots which regularly hit four figures! 

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 Over €110k In Hourly Prizes Since Launch October 1st 2019 

Since October 1st when the Hourly Jackpot drop went live across all operators, over €110 thousand have already been won on the daily jackpot prizes in just the first week! 

Chris Looney, Commercial Director at Red Tiger Gaming, said: “In the six months since its launch, our jackpot network has been a huge success, paying out a total of €8m. We recently built on its popularity by launching hourly jackpots and have already handed over €110K since September 30th.



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