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Today we see a slightly different operation taking place with MegaLotto under the knife. Megalotto has been given a face-lift and is now to be known as MegaRush. So what does this mean for us players?

About Megalotto

If you have not heard about Megalotto then let me quickly introduce them to you.

Megalotto was founded in 2020 and combined casino, lotto and scratch cards together. Under the MGA license, Megalotto was founded by ML Entertainment Limited

With the final quarter of 2020 upon us, Megalotto has taken a tactical approach to rebrand, changing their name to MegaRush.

Grant Williams, CEO said and we quote: "We are delighted to have launched on the Gaming Innovation Group platform. With such a wide selection of games and payment methods available, as well as super-strong bonus and cashback offers, we have really gone all out to deliver a best-in-class online casino experience for our customers. Being MGA licensed we offer a quick, fast and safe environment to play online and with more content and offers to arrive over the coming weeks, the MegaRush experience will continue to improve. Watch out for the Rush Hour promotions, they are not to be missed!"

What will happen to my players account at Megalotto?

I can imagine you are probably wondering what is going to happen to your player’s account, right?

Well, firstly do not stress.

As MegaLotto is just rebranding to MegaRush this means that all current accounts will simply be transferred over. Conveniently, you will still be able to use your current password and username to log in to your account.

The second concern you are most likely thinking about is any current balance you have pending on your account. Again, this will simply be transferred over with no problems.


As previously stated, MegaRush is the rebranded version of Megalotto.

Full of great casino games to keep you entertained you can expect to find all the most popular and new slots, Jackpot games, table games and even pay a visit to the Live casino

New players will be welcomed with a generous welcome offer, whereas current players can enjoy a kind cashback offer weekly. To find out more about MegaRush Casino simply click on the following link. MegaRush Full Casino Review

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