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LetsGiveItASpin Presents: The Making of Netent’s Dead or Alive 2 Part 3 – Sound

It’s week three of our exclusive series of behind the scenes VLOGs in association with NetEnt where we see what it takes for a leading provider to produce a top online slot. The slot in question is the hotly anticipated Dead or Alive 2.

In this episode filmed just last month, Kim and Reggie, also known as LetsGiveItASpin and CasinoReggie – return to NetEnt’s Stockholm HQ a full six months after the initial set of VLOGs were recorded to check out how the sounds for a game like DOA2 are put together.

During the VLOG the CG-boys meet with DOA2’s sound designer inside the sound studio and get to experience first-hand how the sound effects and music end up on your favorite NetEnt games.

DOA2’s sound designer was also responsible for the sound on NetEnt favorites Coins of Egypt, Asgardian Stones, and the recently released Golden Grimoire. Formerly a NetEnt software engineer, he is one of seven working full time in the sound team.

Before a single note is played on the backing track the sound designers must first get to know the game intimately to get a real feel for how it should sound. The first port of call for a sound designer it to liaise with the game’s development team to understand a little more about the new slot’s theme and story, as well as how it plays. Once the theme is established they will also go over the work the art team have produced in order to acquire some “graphical inspiration”.

Once they have a good feel for the game a sound designer will take to the studio. Here they have the freedom come up with the various riffs, sound effects, and audio ideas which accompany different aspects of play during the game.

DOA2’s sound designer brings out his lap guitar to play the classic Western lap slide riff he wrote to accompany a Mega Win. By all accounts DOA2 was a fun slot to work on as the sound designer got to play a few more live instruments. By and large sounds which accompany online slots are composed via software programs on computers, but in some cases there’s just no substitute for good, old live instruments.

During the VLOG you also get to see some of the ideas behind the sound effects for other parts of the game, including the neat way in which the sound designer has worked in the setting up and loading of a gun into the spinning process.

You’ll also to get witness Kim given the opportunity to record his own triumphant Coyote impression. Kim’s superb (ahem!) impression may or may not have made it into the final game (no, we’re not joking). His ‘ding-ding’ recording, however, most certainly will NOT make the cut!

Have you Watched the Whole Series? 

The Making of the Dead or Alive 2 VLOGs are split into 5 different parts showing you how an online slot is made, from start to finish.

Here’s the complete list, in case you’ve missed out: 

  1. Part 1 – Math and Mechanics
  2. Part 2 – Design
  3. Part 3 – Sound
  4. Part 4 – Certification
  5. Part 5 – The Play-Through
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