[UPDATE] LeoVegas Introducing “MultiPlay” – Two Slots Simultaneously On Mobile For Everyone


LeoVegas Multiplay

We have some exciting news from LeoVegas to share with you today. Last week they opened the doors for everyone to their brand new concept – Multiplay!

Since last year they have been working hard on a fun new way to play on their casino, specifically on their mobile casino. You can for the very first-time play on two different mobile games at once! It almost sounds too good to be true, because how can something like that really work?

Games that support this function are tagged with a green “Multiplay” icon. At the bottom right of the screen, you will find a white icon that looks like the phone’s screen in 2 boxes. Once you click on it, it will tell you to choose your second game and that’s about it, very simple and easy to use. You never have to change your screen, have to focus your attention on one game while the other auto-plays, everything is available on the same screen for your pleasure.

When the first of two games is loading, a menu showing all other games with the same function will be displayed. Here it will be up to you to choose to continue as usual or find a second game to play simultaneously for double the fun!


LeoVegas MultiPlay Portrait Mode

The developers at LeoVegas have even made the Multiplay function adjustable to your chosen screen mode. When in landscape mode, one of the chosen games will be in full screen while the other will be minimised and can be moved to any chosen spot on the screen. Click the minimised game and they will swap. Should you be playing in portrait mode both games will be shown split on the screen.

How do we like it?

LeoVegas MultiPlay went live globally just a couple days ago. Ever since we heard about it, our top minds have been trying out their feature and comparing to how multi-tabling works on desktop. We simply loved it. It was very easy to use, graphics quality was great and most of all, their picture-in-picture layout in Landscape Mode.

This MultiPlay feature was long-awaited and very crucial to tap the mobile devices market. More and more players around the world are moving completely Mobile, storing and using everything from their smartphone. So what are you waiting for? Go into your App/Play Store, look for LeoVegas, download it, sign in and fire away!

How do you like the feature? Share your thoughts in our forum.

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