Top New Slots of June 2020

As we start the second week of July, it’s time to take a look back at some of the great new slots from last month. The speed at which new slots have been coming at us so far in 2020 has been fast and furious, so forgive us if we have missed out any of your own personal June favourites. We’ve trawled our recent history to find some big wins from some of our favourite June releases from Nolimit City, Pragmatic Play, Iron Dog Studio, Play’n GO, Relax Gaming, and Big Time Gaming. This compilation is also packed full of some of our favourite streamers including LetsGiveItASpin, JamJarBoy, Slotspinner, Gamble_Gangsta, and Miikapekka.

JamJarBoy playing Bonus Bunnies (Nolimit City) – 1,130x Win

CasinoGrounds streamer JamJarBoy is up first racking up a nice little win on Nolimit City’s carrot-crunching June release, Bonus Bunnies.

Playing at Leo Vegas for €1 a spin we join the action at the start of Bonus Bunnies main feature, Carrot Link Spins. Anyone familiar with Relax Gaming’s Money Train will recognise the key elements of this feature. 3 spins are awarded and each time a carrot or special symbol lands the spins reset to 3. Carrots issue a random bet multiplier while special symbols offer bigger wins. Harvester symbols add all of the bet multipliers already on the board together and add them to the winning total. Fertilizers already have a multiplier which they proceed to add to each of the carrot symbols on the board. Settlers add a row or reel to the board.

On his third spin, JamJarBoy lands 2 settler rabbits which extend the gameboard by one reel and one row, turning it from a 4x4 grid to a 5x5 grid, making 9 more spaces to potentially fill with win multipliers. On the next spin, he lands 2 harvester bunnies which take his win from 20x up to 100x. Another harvester 2 spins later double his winnings once again. From here it is just a gradual accumulation of carrots until just one symbol space remains. The final space is reserved for a key which unlocks a win multiplier which is applied to the total win for the round. It takes the very last spin but JamJarBoy lands the key to unlock the multiplier chest. He hits the maximum 5x which takes his total win from 226x to 1,130x for a €1,130 win.

Miikapekka playing Rally 4 Riches (Play’n GO) – 1,010x Win

Popular Finnish streamer Miikapekka is the star of our next clip which showcases Play’n GO’s fantastic racing car slot, Rally 4 Riches.

After hitting the bonus trigger on the bonus reel, Miikapekka, playing at €1 a spin, takes to his ride and the bonus rally begins. The automated action sends the car around the racetrack, and with every checkpoint reached, the player moves around the monopoly style board which frames the rally action. After a smooth round, Miikapekka picks up around €10 as well as winning the overall rally which sends him across to the winner's podium. The goal is to make it all the way up the pyramid-shaped podium by landing on ladder arrows, with a 1,000x prize waiting at the top. Miikapekka makes it all the way to the second last place on the podium but lands on a €150 win. This game does come with a gamble option, so after a few seconds debating with himself, spins the wheel of fortune and is lucky enough to hit the green section for a 1,000x win. In total his win of €1,010 equates to 1,010x his original bet size.

LetsGiveItASpin playing Mega Flip (Relax Gaming) – 377x Win

Here we have CasinoGrounds supremo, LetsGiveItASpin playing Relax Gaming’s Mega Flip at €6 a spin over at Casino Euro. The clip starts as LGIAS triggers the free spins feature where the 2x2x3x3x4x4 board flips to become a 4x4x3x3x2x2 board, making it easier to start off winning combos which go from left to right.

During the free spins round, any winning combination is held in place and a respin is awarded. Respins continue to be awarded as long as each new spin adds to the win. Furthermore, when a row is filled with matching symbols forming part of the winning combo, a win multiplier is added.

LetsGiveItASpin gets lucky on his very first spin landing a winning combination of bells which ends up covering 16 of the 18 symbols spaces with a 5x multiplier for a €984 win. The very next spin adds €295 with a good haul of oranges. A retrigger helps Kim, adding another 4 spins to his initial 8. After a number of medium wins, there is one last big win to be had on the final spin when a Stars win respins to 16 symbols with a 6x multiplier for another €792. In total LetsGiveItASpin bags €2,263.50 for a 377x win.

RyansGambling playing Star Clusters Megaclusters (Big Time Gaming) – 961x Win

RyansGambling is an up and coming streamer who posted details in our forum of his recent big win on Big Time Gaming’s Star Clusters Megaclusters.

Megaclusters is Big Time Gaming’s biggest innovation since Megaways. It is a cluster pays slot in which the symbols from winning combinations don’t just disappear to make room for new symbols, they disappear to each be replaced by four smaller symbols.

At the start of the clip, we witness RyansGambling, who is playing for £0.60 a spin at Rizk Casino, put together 5 consecutive cluster wins to enter the free spins round with the standard 2 free spins. This may not seem like much, but with an extended 8x8 board, it only takes a couple of wins to hugely increase the chances of a winning combo. Things don’t start too well as Ryan only manages a win of just over £2 from his first spin. However, things turn around on free spin number 2 as not only does he win £41, but he also moves the Gold Star win multiplier up to 12x after hitting a lot of Gold Stars. He also manages a retrigger for 2 more free spins. The first of these 2 additional free spins pays off immediately as he lands 4 gold clusters with a 169x multiplier courtesy of two 13x Gold Star multipliers in the same winning combo for a win of £441. The subsequent cascade adds another £76. The final spin only adds another £12 or so but a total win of £576.60 is still good for a 961x win.

Joeee Sibbz playing Megaways Jack (Irondog Studio) – 2,319x Win

Anyone familiar with Irondog’s previous Megaways Slot, Pirate Kingdom Megaways, will immediately recognise much of the action from Megaways Jack, as it has many of the same features. Most importantly, perhaps, the feature during free spins which causes any reel landing the maximum 7 symbols to lock at 7 so that the maximum possible number of symbols always lands on that reel for the remainder of the bonus round.

Joeee Sibbz is able to utilise this particular feature to great effect during a free spins round, and by the end of the round, the first 5 reels are all locked with 7 symbols, and the win multiplier (which increases with every winning combo) had reached a whopping 36x. With so many symbols and such a huge multiplier, every win during the latter stages of the free spins was a big one. In total Joeee ended up with £4,638.50 from a £2 bet – a win worth 2,319x his initial bet.

Gamble_Gangsta playing Starz Megaways (Pragmatic Play)

Our final top new slot clip comes courtesy of German CasinoGrounds streamer, Gamble_Gangsta, and comes from Pragmatic Play’s second Megaways release, Starz Megaways.

Playing at Wildz Casino for €1.60 a spin we join the action as Gamble_Gangsta lands three scatters to trigger 6 free spins. For the uninitiated, Starz Megaways plays very similarly to NetEnt’s classic Starburst – just with more reels, more ways to win, and much higher volatility.

On his first spin, GG lands a wild on reel 4. As is the case in Starburst, the wild expands to cover the entire reel. Furthermore, once landed in free spins, the wild reel is sticky for the remainder of the bonus round. The very next spin guarantees our hero to walk away as a big winner as both reels 2 and 3 also fill up with sticky wild reels, meaning that multiple 4 of a kind wins (at least) will be in the bag for the remaining free spins. The first of these spins earns €120 with 4 of a kind wins for brown planets and red jewels. The second spin does a bit better, with pink planets either side of the wilds creating a lot of 5 of a kind wins for a total spin win of €318. More brown planets and red jewels on the next spin adds another €180. The final two spins, however, break the bank after reel 5 lands a wild meaning that all 4 of the middle reels in this 6 reel slot are fully wild. As Starz Megaways pays both ways, this means a ton of 5 and potentially 6 of a kind wins. The penultimate spin brings green planets to the left of the wilds and purple diamonds to the right for a €1,320 spin. The final spin is even bigger, with brown planets either side of the wild reels earning Gamble_Gangsta a further €2,550.

Gamble_Gangsta’s win of €4,489.60 is the biggest win of this collection, paying 2,806x the bet size.

Bonus Clip – Slotspinner playing Crazy Time (Evolution Gaming)

We decided that any kind of big wins compilation without Slotspinner isn’t really a big wins compilation, so we’ve added a little bonus clip for you. In this clip, Slotspinner is playing Evolution Gaming’s biggest and best interactive live slot to date – Crazy Time.

In Crazy Time, there are several bonus rounds you can bet on, and in this clip, Slotspinner has bets on the Pachenko feature. Prior to hitting the feature, Slotspinner has already guaranteed himself a 10x win multiplier for whatever profit he manages to take from the bonus game.

Pachenko works similarly to an old school penny-shover game where you put your coins (or counters) in at the top of the gameboard and as they drop they are pushed one way or the other as they hit obstacles on the way down. Eventually the coin (or counter) comes to rest in one of the 16 individual place pots lined up across the bottom of the gameboard. Each of the landing spots has a win multiplier attached, and in this case, with the 10x multiplier they range from 20x to 500x.

Up until this spin of the lucky wheel, Slotspinner hadn’t been doing too great. As we can see from the footage, he had deposited €3,350 during the session, and only had just under €2k left when this feature landed. Of course, what with it being Slotspinner, the counter only ended up bobbling its way to the 500x win. With €15 bet on Crazy Time, Slotspinner took away €7,515 from the bonus game – turning his €1500 loss into a win of over €6,000 for the session. Does this man ever lose???

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