Exciting new titles announced by Evolution at ICE

During ICE conference, LetsGiveItaSpin allowed us to get an insight into his juicy interview with Todd Haushalter from Evolution Gaming. During his video blog (which is live on YouTube), Mr Haushalter gave LetsGiveItaSpin a rundown on their latest Evolution creations which are to hit our casinos this year.   

In the Vlog, Evolution Gaming gave us an introduction of Power Black Jack, Instant Roulette and Craps.

Before LetsGiveItaSpin enters ICE he said and I quote “Last year, Evolution gaming was the highlight, so he is keen to see if they have as good of a selection of games this year” and I think it is clear to say, he was more than impressed. 

Power Blackjack

Power Blackjack is just like your usual Blackjack game, except it has one twist. Firstly, players can enjoy playing Power Blackjack on small bets with unlimited players. The twist to the new edition is that players can triple or quadruple down after any hand, even including after a split. 

The only drawback to the new live table game is that the playing cards 9 and 10 have been removed from the deck, to keep you on your toes. 

Power Blackjack comes with an RTP 98.8%.

Instant Roulette

Evolutions new Roulette table is and I quote Todd Haushalter “the worlds fastest live casino game” to have been created as of yet. With 12 different Roulette tables spinning at once, you no longer have to wait for the wheel to spin to dictate your fate. 

The idea of the new live casino table game is that, once you have placed your bet, you will be taken to the table which has the ball closest to dropping. This way there are no timers and you do not have to wait to see whether you have landed a hit or not.

The board will also display which table is closest to dropping, so you can strategically place your bet if you have a preferred table or a “lucky” table during the game.


Evolution Gaming is one of the first providers to bring Craps to the Live Casino. Sticking to a 1920’s underground style to preserve the greatness of Craps. 

Instead of a real-life dealer, the game will have a mechanical arm currently named “Mr Lucky”. The Mechanical arm is programmed to vary the way it throws the dice, from soft to hard as if it is was a real-life dealer. 

You will also be able to see how the dice are resting, so you can see what other players are cheering for. The idea of bringing Craps to the live table is to keep the community feeling where everyone wins or loses together.

To make things more fun, Evolution Gaming is also introducing an “Applause button” for players to click when “Mr Lucky” lands a good dice roll. 


At first glance, Megaball has a similar appearance to bingo. The aim of Megaball is to and I quote Todd Haushalter “Make lines, make money”. Players can buy up to 200 cards to play with at one time. 20 balls will be drawn and the final draw will, of course, be the mega ball.

Megaball comes with an RTP of 95.5% and has great potential to payout up to a 1,000,000 x. Although there is a cap of £500,000 on winnings.


Excited to try out the new Live Casino table games by Evolution Gaming? Stay tuned with us to keep up to date with any new releases and hot gossip on these three new table games – Craps, Instant Roulette and Power Blackjack.


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