Top Slot Fails


Top Slot Fails

We thought we’d try something a little different today. To prove that we at CasinoGrounds offer a balanced take on the world of online slots we have replaced our usual feast of good fortune showing ecstatic streamers bagging whopping windfalls. Instead, today’s clips reel will focus on those not so spectacular bonus rounds we all have to endure from time to time. After all as the expression goes, ‘No pain, no gain’ – we’ve seen the gains, so bring on the pain!!

Clip 1: Nickslots – Dead or Alive 2 (NetEnt)

As we showed in a previous video round-up just a couple of weeks ago, Dead or Alive 2 is capable of delivering some huge wins during the bonus rounds. Our round up was published less than a month after the long-awaited sequel went live and it featured numerous wins thousands of times the size of the bet, with one of over 50,000x. Still, to fund all those big wins there inevitably have to be plenty of, well, not-so-big wins.

In this clip our very own Nickslots has triggered the bonus round at Calzone and confidently assigns his 12 free spins to the Old Saloon, stating, “Yeah, I think it’s the best bonus, I think it’s the best feature. The first one’s ok, but this one’s ridiculous”. Playing at £3.60 a spin Nick starts the bonus round with £14.40 already in the bank. Those 12 free spins with sticky multiplier wilds, however, only add another £1.60 – less than half a bet – to his winnings. The resulting £16 win is doubled as per the feature which still only leaves poor old Nick with a win of less than 9x his stake! Still, it’s good to see he hasn’t lost his sense of humour as he finishes with, “Never in doubt, never in doubt with that bonus”, mocking his earlier sentiments. 

Clip 2: David Labowsky – Legacy of Egypt (Play ‘n GO)

Netherlands based streamer David Labowsky stars in the briefest of our clips here playing €10.50 a spin on Play ‘n GO’s highly volatile slot Legacy of Egypt. We join him having recently triggered free spins, where each free spin comes with a random win multiplier of up to 10x. Unfortunately David is only awarded 4 out of a possible 16 free spins, and he doesn’t manage to land a single win. Getting free spins on this slot is no mean feat, and to get them and walk away unrewarded must be a killer if David’s face is anything to go by. His final words on the matter are, “That is it, short and definitely not enjoyable.” Still, at least he leaves with the 5x win he received for landing the scatters in the first place!

Clip 3: Casinovaz – Who Wants To Be a Millionaire (Big Time Gaming)

As we join Casinovaz he offers the words, “Thanks for the advice but I cannot take it.” His answer is in response to a fan in chat telling him to take the 8 free spins he currently has because gambling at this stage and losing would result in him completely missing the bonus round. Casinovaz ignores the advice and plays his 50:50 lifeline, hoping to move up the ladder for 10 free spins. Unfortunately lady luck was not on his side and his risky gamble ended up with a big, fat zero.

Clip 4: CraigSlots – Danger High Voltage (Big Time Gaming)

Here’s another streamer who failed to heed the advice of his peers and ended up with egg on their face. In this clip British streamer CraigSlots is playing BTG’s highly volatile ‘Danger High Voltage’ at £4 a spin when he activates the bonus rounds. He mentions that he is ”always being told off for choosing ‘Gates’ all the time.” By this he means that he tends to choose the more volatile Gates of Hell free spins rounds which only awards 7 free spins rather than the High Voltage free spins which awards 15. The advantage with ‘Gates’ spins is that a random symbol is assigned before the spins which will act as a sticky wild whenever it lands between reels 2-5 of this 6×4 slot. CraigSlots special symbol is Kings. Unfortunately he only lands 2 kings on spins 4 and 5 and one lands directly below the other on reel 4 – not the best place for aiding winning combos. CraigSlots only adds £14 (3x) to his £24.80 starting total and must rue the day he didn’t take sage counsel from his adviser!

Clip 5: Slotspinner – Jurassic Park (Microgaming)

CasinoGrounds favourite Slotspinner is next up, playing for €3 a spin on Microgaming’s 2014 classic, Jurassic Park. With 12 free spins and running, stacked wilds Slotspinner is hoping for a big payday here. It is bad news though as the wilds barely hit the board, and when they do they have either little or no effect. Both Slotspinner and his dejected looking friend behind him are not impressed to end the round with just a 10x win.

Clip 6: SuperSmask – Spinal Tap (Blueprint Gaming)

Even we can feel the pain with this one. Playing Blueprint Gaming’s Spinal Tap, SuperSmask is playing the bonus with the extended 7×3 reel set and manages to land full reel ‘Heavy Duty’ wilds on reels 2, 4, 5, 6, and 7 as well as 2x win multipliers on reels 2 and 4. As he says himself towards the end of the reels spinning, “Can’t miss”. You know what’s coming. Yep, a total miss for an indescribably painful 0x win!

Clip 7: Casino Land – Extra Chilli (Big Time Gaming)

Another heart-breaker here, this time for streamer Casino Land playing BTG’s Extra Chilli Megaways™ slot at €0.40 a spin. With his 8 free spins Casino Land only manages a 12x win despite all the win multipliers and ways to win. However, what really crushes his soul is a very near miss with the highly valuable purple chilli symbols. His first near miss causes his heart to skip a beat as purple chillis rock in on reels 2-6, only missing reel 1 (annoying for him a red chilli did land on reel 1). He gets a second chance after a win during the same spin allows the cascading reels to drop in more symbols on reel 1, as well as increasing the win multiplier to 5x. Alas it wasn’t to be as reel 1 remained purple chilli free. With 2 purples all the other reels (except reel 3 which had 1), Casino Land estimates that a single purple chilli on reel 1 would have netted him around a 1,000x win!! As it is, he earned nothing!

Clip 8: CraigSlots – Dead or Alive 2 (NetEnt)

Poor old CraigSlots is up again, this time playing for £1.80 a spin on Dead or Alive 2. Craig is playing a risky game choosing the ultra-high variance ‘High Noon Saloon’ free spins, hoping for a mega-win for the ages. Unfortunately ultra-high variance means just that, and if you want the highs, more often than not you’re going to have to experience a fair few lows on your way. This happened to be one of those lows as the 12 free spins fly by in no time and at the end CraigSlots total winnings are a mere £13.60 for a disappointing 7.5x win.

Clip 9: LetsGiveItASpin – Napoleon – Rise of an Empire (Blueprint Gaming)

Playing for SEK100 (€10) a spin, our premier slots aficionado LetsGiveItASpin seems excited when three scatters trigger 10 free spins on Blueprint Gaming’s battlefield favourite, Napoleon: Rise of an Empire. And so he should be excited as Napoleon has been known to deliver some superb wins during the free spins round. Not this time however. With CasinoReggie eagerly supporting in the background the spins fly by without even a sniff of a win. That’s right, LGIAS walks away from 10 free spins on Napoleon at SEK100 a spin with a big fat ZERO. More of a dong-dong than ding-ding here I’m afraid!

Bonus Clip: HuggeHug89 – PokerStars

It’s a bit of a swerve from slotland for our bonus clip here as we see CG streamer switching it up and playing a little heads-up no limit hold’em poker. With $120 in the pot HuggeHug89 is desperate to win a pot, but his hand of 9c 8d doesn’t seem to be connecting with the board at all. However, the last 4 community cards are all diamonds, meaning that his worthless hand has suddenly turned into an Ace high flush. He encounters a half-pot sized bet from his opponent after the river card is dealt – a seemingly obvious attempt to steal the pot. The very least HH should do here is call and only then if he fears his opponent has a higher diamond in his hand than he does. He even says that “He just wants the pot, I don’t think he has anything” . He continues, “but I have such shit cards I’m gonna fold”, before throwing his hand into the muck, oblivious to the fact that he has thrown away a flush – something his fans have to tell him in the chat box. EMBARRASING!

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