Slots Charity Bullet for Musikkhjälpen

Slots Charity Bullet for Musikkhjälpen

For the whole coming week, and until Dec 18th – Casino streamer Letsgiveitaspin is dedicating a large part of his air time towards towards “Musikhjälpen“, which is a large annual charity event in Sweden.

What is Musikhjälpen?

Musikhjälpen is a week long event where three famous radio hosts and/or celebrities are locked into a booth in a Swedish city and their stay is broadcasted 24/7 on TV and Radio. Over the course of this week, the booth will have visits from hundreds of people/celebrities. The guests will, in different ways, all engage in raising money towards the year’s selected charity theme.

LetsGiveItASpin’s Contribution

Kim will, via his stream, try his best to raise money towards Musikhjälpen. He will attempt to do so by appealing to the viewers’ festivity spirit.
Any viewer can donate to Letsgiveitaspin and all donations will go towards the cause.
Moreover any donation made, will, up to SEK 20000, be matched by LeoVegas and/or Kim himself.

Monday’s Super Monopoly Money 

For Monday 12/12/2016 Kim planed something special for the stream.
A Super Monopoly Money bullet of SEK 20000 provided by LeoVegas.
The stream started with excitement, as a big number of viewers where contributing for the charity.
Even though the slot was not very hot, Kim managed to gather SEK 1781 in Monopoly Money.
Kim was extremely lucky when spinning the Wheel. First he hit the bonus which took Kim to a new wheel with higher multipliers.
The second spin was also lucky as Kim managed to land the arrow on the 14x.
As a result his SEK 1781 were multiplied by 14 for a total win of SEK 24941.
The entire amount won was added to the donations made by the viewers for a total donation of SEK 32389 on the Monday stream.

Where will the Donations Go?

This year, Musikhjälpen’s theme is “Children of war deserve proper education“.
Alas, all money raised over the course of the week will go towards charities and efforts that serve to give war children the education they need.

Donations so far & How you can donate

The first charity stream took place on Thursday. An awesome stream, with a lot of donations from the viewers up to total of 15738 SEK.
The Second charity stream took place on Monday 12/12/2016. The amount donated by the viewers was matched by Kim.
In addition the amount won on Monopoly was also added to the donation –  for a total of SEK 32389 on the Monday stream.
As a result total donations towards the charity, during both streams, reached SEK 48327.
At the end of this article you can see the names of all the viewers who have contributed until this point.
If you want to donate also when Kim is not streaming, you check the donations and donate here:

More to Come

Apart form the matched donations, more surprises  and efforts will be announced across Kim’s streams in the days to come!
So stay toned tonight for the Monday Super Monopoly Money stream.

If the slots have been kind to you lately, consider making your own contribution to the charity – It’s for a good cause! 🙂

Viewers who have contributed

A big thank you to all those amazing people who have joined LetsGiveItASpin on this altruistic endeavor.
As a show of gratitude- we will be posting the names of every contributor.

The viewers who have donated so far are:

  1. Emptyen
  2. Tuxxah
  3. Skylined87
  4. Oelahadoe
  5. Swedishmaq
  6. TehRazz
  7. Chris
  8. LicensToSpin
  9. K_blackwood
  10. CallmeHack
  11. Drewkthx
  12. Carebear
  13. Frozenspin
  14. Hobo
  15. Nosound113
  16. LebowskiSWE
  17. Camilla1985
  18. Papputar
  19. Henkeman11
  20. Atleten1
  21. EastLake110
  22. Veryhappycrocodile
  23. Extol88
  24. Harryjohan
  25. Amorabar
  26. Homer_Spinson
  27. Dead_Or_Alive_Tv
  28. Dmcjordan
  29. Bolizenya
  30. Valtsucs
  31. Xthebeast1337x
  32. Marionette1
  33. Raverbaby
  34. Nedraa1337
  35. Charlesinator
  36. DRAINYOU80
  37. RamboBeaver007
  38. Shock2902
  39. ted3858
  40. elithjelm
  41. sdsb0x7bb
  42. anonyymi
  43. braage9
  44. elfstr0m
  45. DazThomas86
  46. frankster2000
  47. ExternalHateBox
  48. Linkolank
  49. Gnukke10
  50. Jappjimmyp
  51. mr_trulli
  52. redtugaPT
  53. reachforglory
  54. Mistermanga
  55. marley6975
  56. AdsGunning
  57. alexafterwork
  58. Kuningas_11

For more events, raffles and CasinoGrounds Community happenings, check our Community News section on a regular basis.

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