Top Big Bet Slots

Top Big Bet Slots

Big Bets. Big Wins. Check out our newest compilation video of streamers upping their stakes on big bet slots and scoring pretty decent wins. 

Unfortunately it seems that Big Bet slots are a dying breed. But why? Maybe it has something to do with the feature buy slots taking the lead, or simply because people like to play newer games. 

Whatever the case, this compilation video shows 6 different streamers playing the big bet slots and landing themselves handsome payouts. 

What you'll see in the compilation clip

  • SuperSmask: 300 SEK Big Bet on Mighty Black Knight
  • DavidLabowsky: €30 Big Bet on Hercules High & Mighty 
  • DCT: €20 Big Bet on Dr. Jekyll Goes Wild
  • LetsGiveItASpin: 300 SEK Big Bet on Monopoly Big Event 
  • Miipekka: €50 big bet on The Legend of the Pharaos 
  • NickSlots: €20 big bet on Barkin' Mad by Barcrest 

SuperSmask's Clip 

SuperSmask does a 300 SEK (€30 eur) big bet on Mighty Black Knight. A 100 paylines, 5 reel Barcrest / SG Gaming big bet slot with an RTP of between 94-98%, with the higher end of the scale when doing the big bets. 

Moments later, that gamble paid well in the form of a 6.716 SEK big win (€670).

Check out our review of the game here: Mighty Black Knigth slot

DavidLabowsky's Clip 

DavidLabowsky does a €30 big bet on Hercules High & Mighty. Also a 100 paylines and 5 reels Barcrest / SG Interactive game. The RTP follows the same model as Mighty Black Knight, with 94% RTP on bets below €2, 96% for bets above €2, and 98% in Big Bet mode. 

It's very hard to not get excited when you see DavidLabowsky's full screen wild win. It's just epic, and lands him a sweet €1.000 win. 

Check out our review of the game here: Hercules High & Mighty slot

DCT's Clip 

DCT does a €20 bet on Dr. Jekyll Goes Wild. A Barcrest slot machine that has been around for a time in land based casinos before making it's debut as an online slot. 

The game has 5x3 reels and just 10 paylines, and has a RTP of 98.20% once you enter the Big Bet Mode. 

That's exactly what DCT does. Nearly 5 minutes later, that gamble paid off in the form of €691, a 34.55x return on his "investment".

Check out our review of the game here: Dr. Jekyll Goes Wild slot

LetsGiveItASpin's Clip 

LGIAS does a 300 SEK (€30) on Monopoly Big Event. Also a Barcrest game with 5x3 reels and 20 paylines as well as a Big Bet Mode released back in 2015. 

This game carries a whopping RTP of 99% when placing big bets, something LetsGiveItASpin does while his "partner in crime" CasinoReggie sits by his side as they head towards the legendary "cashoutland" (El Dorado, city of gold, or Swe-ding?). 

Ding ding, a Big Bet of €30 turned in to the sound of 31.600 SEK win (€3.160)! 

Check out our review of the game here: Monopoly Big Event slot

Miipekka's Clip 

Miipekka does a €50 on The Legend of the Pharaos. This too is a Barcrest / SG Interactive slot with a Big Bet Mode that comes with a 98.10% RTP. 

Whatever kind of magic he pulled of when gambling those €50, it turned out well, ensuring a 63.9x return for the total of an awesome €3.195 win!

NickSlots's Clip 

NickSlots does a €30 on Barkin' Mad. The last 5x3, 10 paylines Barcrest slot with a Big Bet Mode in this compilation of big bet slot clips. 

With an RTP between 94% and 96% the higher RTP comes with the bigger bets, which is exactly what NickSlots decides to do when he was down his last £30.70, leaving him with only 70 Pence. 

He was not expecting that £984 win, which results in a hilarious reaction at the end when he realizes that the imminent RIP turned Big Win and landed him a 32.8x return on the gamble. 

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