Top Slot Wins January 2019 Video Article

Top 6 Wins of January 2019

The slot year of 2019 has been kicked off with some huge wins already in January. We have witnessed some insane wins, including some record wins. Since this is a top 6 compilation, you know that there are many other awesome wins, which didn’t make to this video.

1. Nickslots – Vikings – £2.00 bet – 2004X win

 Nick gets the bonus feature from Vikings, which have been a great release by NetEnt. The high volatile slot doesn’t usually give the bonus feature easily, or pay too much, but Nick gets the dream hit. The screen gets filled with 20 blue premium symbols and the endless count of the win starts. in the end, Nick gets surprised as the win is exactly £4000.

2. Casellious – Dead or Alive – €0.45 – 3880X win

Big win compilation is nothing without a classic dead or alive clip. Casellious needs only 7 spins to hit the wild line on line seven. This means now at least 333x win every spin, and when there are 10 spins left, 3333x win is guaranteed. In total, the win grows to 3880x as there is one line with five of a kind every spin.

3. JJCasino_Slots – Extra Chilli – €2.00 – 4333X win

In Extra Chilli, its all about one spin miracle most of the times. In this case, we have 24 free games and two spin miracles. Without these two spins, the bonus would have paid nearly 200x. With these two, almost back to back spins with violet chilli, which is the best symbol, the win grows to over 4000x. The reactions are priceless from JJ, and we recommend to keep the volume down for this clip! Our dear editors have done some excellent work on the translations again as well.

4. Fruity Slots – Danger! High voltage – £2.00 – 5616X win

Fruity slots are rolling on the famous BTG slot when she lands the dream hit. Skulls all the way to the end with 6x6x6x wilds. Seems like, that she doesn’t realize first how much this could pay, but after seeing the £10k on the screen, the celebration begins. Dream spin makes again someone happy.

5. Slotspinner – Genie Jackpot Megaways – 2.00 SEK – 7213X win

Mystery wishes is also usually a one spin miracle feature. This won’t happen most of the times, but Slotspinners is lucky enough to get it. Mystery wishes are landing 1440 ways to the end, and it changes them to the second best symbol. This one spin miracle pays him over 144k SEK, which is possibly the biggest win seen live on stream from this slot.

6. Erik – Jammin Jars – 0.60 CAD – 12187x win

One of the best slot releases 2018 is still the best slot in 2019. Erik grinds with 4 jammin jars the multiplier up, and before the clip starts, we think that he hits a win with every jar. When the clip starts, the bonus has paid over 5000X before the last spin, and the last spin doubles the win and a bit over. The clip makes us speechless and we recommend to see the clip with your own eyes. Insane.

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