Top 5 Biggest Wins on Monopoly Live – EGR’s Game of the Year

2019 was a good year for Monopoly slots. Both Bally’s Monopoly Heights and Big Time Gaming’s Monopoly Megaways™ introduced Mr Monopoly to the world of colossal ways-to-win, while Evolution Gaming took things a stage further by designing a dual-element live and online Monopoly slot.

Monopoly Live was released in February and immediately attracted attention due to its unique concept and awesome potential. The success of Monopoly Live led to it being crowned “Game of the Year” at the EGR Operator Awards in London this October. The award recognises “the game studio or operator that has produced the stand-alone game that has made the biggest impact over the last twelve months”.

For those of you unfamiliar with the game I’ll give a very brief description here so that you can better understand the video compilation. If you’re already familiar with the game, then skip straight to the wins.

The Game

The first part of the game takes place in a studio with a host spinning a large wheel of fortune made up of 54 segments. Multiple players from wherever they are following the action online are then able to make one or more bets on the outcome of the spin. They can bet on which numbered segment the wheel will come to rest, the options being 1, 2, 5 or 10. They can also bet on whether the wheel will stop on the segments marked “2 rolls” or “4 rolls”. Players can bet on as many or as few of these 6 options as they wish.

The numbered options pay relative to their number; i.e. betting on 1 pays 1:1, 2 pays 2:1, 5 pays 5:1, and 10 pays 10:1. Betting on 2 or 4 rolls sends you to the 3D digital Monopoly Bonus Game, and gives you however many rolls you bet on.

There are also 2 ‘Chance’. In the event the wheel stops at a Chance segment then a Chance card is turned to reveal either a random cash win or a multiplier value, in which case the wheel is spun again. If the wheel then lands on a numbered segment that number is multiplied by the Chance multiplier and the winners are paid accordingly. If it lands on 2 or 4 rolls then all wins in the bonus game are multiplied by the Chance multiplier. If another Chance lands, then once again either a random cash prize is awarded or another multiplier is added, and the wheel is spun again. If more than one multiplier spins in via Chance, then both values are multiplied together.

All of the wins from our compilation wind up on the Monopoly Bonus game board. When on the board the aim is to roll 2 dice and land on property squares with multiplier values, values which are higher if Mr Monopoly adds houses to them before the rolls begin. Roll a double and you get another roll. The rest I’m sure you’ll be able to work out for yourself. So, without further ado…

5. Marcel 1111: €1,110.50 – 2,221x Win

The first win on our list was submitted by forum member Marcel1111 on April 12th, and his win was even luckier than the video suggests. The fact is that Marcel had already enjoyed a decent day at the slots prior to this win, having turned a €30 deposit into €500.24. After withdrawing €500 he had enough for a €0.20 spin on second strike and won €1.50. He then took that €1.50 to Monopoly live where he wagered €0.50 each on 2 rolls, and 4 rolls. From what I can make out the wheel spun in Chance which awarded a 10x win multiplier followed by 4 rolls, meaning that Marcel1111 entered the bonus game with 4 rolls and with all multipliers on the board subject to a 10x multiplier.

We join the action with two rolls to go and €50 already in the bank. The first of these rolls’ lands on Trafalgar Square for a 70x multiplier win of €35. The next only brings in a 50x multiplier for a €25 win. However, as a double was rolled (6’s) another roll is awarded and this one lands on the boards highest paying square, Mayfair, for a massive 2,000x win of €1,000. Marcell1111’s total win of €1,110.50 equates to 2,221x his original bet on 4 rolls.

4. Huneasd: €4,890 – 489x Win

Next up is Finnish Casinogrounds streamer Huneasd who has wagered €10 on 2 rolls and 4 rolls (as well as €10 on 10 and €20 on 2). His spin lands on Chance for an 8x multiplier then lands on 4 rolls. Huneasd’s first roll lands on Pall Mall with 3 houses for a 64x multiplier (€640), followed by rolling a double 1 to Whitehall for a 24x (€240) win. This also gifts another roll. The third roll lands on Marlborough Street for a 40x (€400) win. The next roll is a beauty as Mr Monopoly lands on Piccadilly with a hotel for a 320x (€3,200) score. Huneasd’s extra roll scoots off to Liverpool Street Station for another 40x (€400) win, making his final tally €4,890 for a 489x win.

3. Slotspinner: €6,750 – 270x Win

A big wins compilation wouldn’t be a big wins compilation without saying hello at least once to Slotspinner and this time he makes it to number 3 with this tasty win. Slotspinner’s spins of the wheel revealed not one but two consecutive Chance multipliers (10x and 3x), meaning that whatever the next spin revealed (unless it was another Chance) would have a 30x multiplier applied to it. What does happen is that the wheel stops at 2 rolls, on which Slotspinner had placed €25.

The first roll lands on Pall Mall with a 150x multiplier (it had been 5x initially, then multiplied by 30) for €3,750. Slotspinner’s second and final roll lands on Northumberland Avenue for another 120x win of €3,000 meaning he turned his €25 bet into €6,750 for a 270x win.

2. Apehehe: €17,955 – 513x Win

Monopoly Live seems to be a lucky game for our Finnish streamers as in at number 2 is another Casinogrounds favourite, Apehehe. As the spin lands in one of the Chance segments Apehehe says “10x, 4 rolls” and strangely enough that’s exact what happens next as Mr Monopoly reveals a 10x multiplier and the next spin lands in the 4 rolls segment. Apehehe goes quite understandably wild as he had wagered €35 on 4 rolls and can now expect every winning roll to be multiplier by 10.

Once again Pall Mall is the first space Mr Monopoly lands on with a 30x multiplier to land Apehehe a €1,050 win. The next roll brings in two 4’s for an extra roll and 50x for landing on Vine Street; this adds another €1,750 to the pot. Trafalgar Square is next to pick up a further 60x (€2,100) win. The next roll sends Huneasd into a mad celebration as a 6 and a 1 walk Mr Monopoly around the corner to land on Regent Street with 4 houses and a 500x multiplier for a HUGE €17,500 win. Despite ending up with a mammoth win, Huneasd is actually a little upset at the end of his bonus round, and this is because that extra roll manages to find the Super Tax square which robs him of 20% of his winnings. After the 20% is taken off Huneasd’s total winnings still totalled a not inconsiderable €17,955 for a 513x win.

1. Prodigy: €81,083 – 549x Win

Our biggest win of the compilation comes from YouTuber Prodigy who is playing in mBTC (millibitcoins, each worth one thousandth of a bitcoin). We join the action as the wheel stops at the 4 rolls segment, on which Prodigy has bet 15 mBTC. At the time 15 mBTC was worth just under €148 so this is a REALLY big bet about to pay off!

The first roll (as usual) lands on Pall Mall for a 12x win. The second moves up to Vine Street, adding just 5x to the kitty. However, as Mr Monopoly got there via a double 4, another roll is added. Hearts are racing as the next roll lands on a Chance card which could either award a win or could end up losing Prodigy a lot of money. As it happens a 10x win is the outcome, taking his total so far up to 405mBTC (almost €4,000). Regent Street is next for another 15x win. As Prodigy is now within range of the huge wins at the end of the board and he has that extra roll in hand you can hear him, and his friends get excited. He even goes so far as to say that if he hits the 500x lurking at Mayfair that everyone would get $1,000. You can guess what happened next, can’t you? Yep, a double 4 lands Prodigy on Mayfair and the volume of Prodigy and his companions increases significantly as that single spin pays close to €74,000! The double 4 gives Prodigy one more spin which earns him another 6x (€900) meaning his bonus round earning total a staggering 8,235 mBTC, or to put it another way €81,083 – a win worth 549x his original €147.70 bet.

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