CasinoGrounds Streamer of the Year 2019

Last week we counted down the results of the CasinoGrounds Slot of the Year 2019. This week we get to see the results of our prestigious Streamer of the Year and witness a few of their 2019 streaming highlights.

5. Rosey Reels

Rosey Reels is the name of husband and wife team Ava and Dan. Ava only started playing online slots around three years ago but soon came to love the past-time and the CasinoGrounds community. After only a few months as CG streamers, Rosey Reels have already become a firm fan favourite as proven by their appearance on our top 5 list for 2019.

4 Slotspinner

Slotspinner has consistently been among our most popular streamers over the past couple of years. His passion for slots comes across loud and clear in every stream. These days he often streams alongside his girlfriend and fellow CG streamer, Desity. As well as his natural rapport with his fans and his renowned exuberance, Slotspinner is also known to be one of the luckiest sons of bitches to ever grace an online casino!

3. LetsGiveItASpin

You’ll be hard-pushed to find a slot-streamer with more charisma and natural energy than our hallowed leader Kim “LetsGiveItASpin” Hultman. One of the most popular slot streamers anywhere online, Kim works tirelessly at his craft and never disappoints his fanbase. He’s also one of the more unpredictable streamers around and you never know what you’re going to get when you tune in to one of his many livestreams.

2. Daskelelele

Just missing out on the top spot this year is Jack, AKA Daskelelele. Jack has enjoyed a meteoric rise as a slots streamer, amassing over 40,000 twitch followers over the past couple of years. He now shares his channel with his friend Philip, and between them they stream up to 10 hours a day. Jack often plays at higher stakes than the majority of our streamers and as such his streams can produce some stellar wins. In fact, if you fancy checking out the big win he can be seen celebrating in the brief clip in this video then head over to last week’s video article on CG’s top 5 slots of 2019.

1. NickSlots

CasinoGrounds Streamer of the Year 2019 is none other than CG Co-founder Nick “NickSlots” Preston. Nick’s dry English wit emotionally charged reactions, and hugely entertaining streaming sessions are what make Nick such a pull with the viewers. To celebrate Nick’s success, we’ve compiled some of his best wins of 2019.

Rainbow Riches Megaways (Barcrest) – 2,583x Win

Playing Barcrest’s July 2019 release, Rainbow Riches Megaways at a hefty £10 a spin, Nick triggers 12 free spins. Probably because he’s playing at the higher end of his gaming range Nick seems particularly keen to avoid too many dead spins, uttering “Don’t give me dead spins now, no. No, no, no, no, no, no!” as the first few spins come and go without troubling the scorers. With 8 spins played, however, lady luck smiles on our Northern hero as a ton of green diamonds (one of the game’s highest paying symbols) land. However, with one reel missing it looks like Nickslots ambitions of a big win may have been thwarted. However, a couple of reaction wins eventually result in the all-important missing reel finally being blessed with a green diamond.

The resulting single spin win helped by a 10x win multiplier comes in at a staggering £24,251. Nickslots final win for this bonus round ended up at £25,828 – 2,583x his original bet size.

Dead or Alive 2 (NetEnt) – 4,521 Win

Unusually for these videos the first of our clips today doesn’t feature the highest variance “High Noon Saloon” free spins round. It’s back to the good Old Saloon Free Spins, which mirrors the free spins round from the original Dead or Alive. These spins may not be as volatile as High Noon Saloon’s, but they are still pretty damn volatile which means that if you catch the right side of that volatility you’re on for a big payday. That’s exactly what happens to CasinoGrounds favourite, Nickslots, who is playing here at £0.90 a spin.

After choosing Old Saloon Spins (where all wins are paid double) it takes Nick just 5 (of the 12) spins to earn 5 additional spins by landing a wild on every reel. Not only that, but all the wilds connect to form a wild line, which then pays out big for each remaining spin. By the conclusion of his free spins Nickslots total bonus round win reaches £4,068.60, equating to a 4,521x his bet size.

Primal Megaways (Blueprint Gaming) – 5,400x Win

There isn’t much to say about the final clip in this week’s compilation as it all boils down to a single base game spin. While the biggest wins from Primal Megaways tend to come from the free spins round with increasing win multipliers, this one needed no such assistance. Mystery symbols landed heavily across the board apart from on reel 3 which filled with 6 Sabre Toothed Tigers (the game’s second highest paying symbol). When the mystery symbols revealed themselves to be Sabre Toothed Tigers Nick immediately knew what that meant, and he went into an excited meltdown. The resulting win of £27,000 from a single £5 spin is equivalent to 5,400x his bet size!

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