Biggest Jammin Jars Wins

Biggest Jammin’ Jars Wins

This week our Wednesday clips compilation is dedicated to your favourite slot of 2018, as voted for by the Casinogrounds community, Push Gaming’s Jammin’ Jars. There are plenty of fruity wins here for you to enjoy from both the pros and the amateurs.

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Clip 1: Erik – €4,900 (12,186x)

Unfortunately, as can be the case with clips of huge wins we don’t get to see this from the beginning as the win didn’t come from a stream but from a player who knew he was witnessing something pretty epic and decided to catch what he could on his cell phone. So forgive the shaky camerawork, but you’ll understand why he was perhaps a little shook up when you see the size of his win from just a CAD $0.60 (€0.41) bet. When we join the action Erik already has over $3,200 in the bank and is still going with 4 jars on the go with multipliers of x7, x12, x13 and x14. The very next drop combines the three biggest jar multipliers for a win of over $1,000 and they stay together for the next win which tops $1,600. Although they separate for a while, the big three come back for another couple of wins which add another $1,000 to his total before his huge run finally comes to an end. Erik’s total win of $7,312.17 (€4,900) equates to 12,186x his bet size.

Clip 2: Marko Slots- €8,144 (8,144x)

Clip 2 from Marko Slots is another win captured on a hand held device, although this time the camerawork is a little smoother and we get to enjoy a lot more of his big win. Playing at €1 a spin Marko has a little under €1,000 banked from his first free spin which has just come to an end when we join proceedings. As with Erik in the previous clip it is all about combining at least 3 jars with big multipliers to make the real money. Happily, after a couple of dead spins, Marko Slots is able to get three jars together, each with 11x multipliers on his 4th spin. Among his 3 jars wins from the 4th spin are wins of €798, €1,296, €1,647, and €2,056. Marko lets out cries of “Yes, YES!” with the volume of each cry increasing in line the wins. When the 6 spins are completed he has earned a tidy €8,143.95 (8,144 his bet size)

Clip 3: Desity & Slotspinner- €9,993.50 (4,997x)

This bonus round looks like being a complete dud for Desity, as halfway through she has only won €0.70 despite playing at a €2 stake. Things don’t get much better as the round continues and as she starts the final spin Desity has only accumulated €29.50. The bonus round suddenly gets much more interesting at the start of the final spin, however, when three jars finally come together with multipliers of x4, x4, and x5. The first decent win of €160 gives Desity some hope, and she excitedly alerts CG favourite, Slotspinner, who is playing on the other side of the room, to her potentially exciting situation. He turns around with an “Oh my God, what the f**k!” as the first win he witnesses comes in at €750. A selection of small three figure wins come next before an oranges win with multipliers of x9, x9, and x10 reaches €1,215. The next win, however, puts the rest to shame as the x10, x10, x11 multipliers combine with a strawberry (the top paying fruit) combo for a staggering €6,600 win. Cue more cursing, dancing and exclamations of disbelief (primarily from Slotspinner), as the total win climbs to €9,993.50 (4,997x) before finally drawing to a close.

Clip 4: Hypalinx – €4,255.70 (2,128x)

Popular UK streamer Hypalinx is up next with a big win playing at €2 a spin. It’s fair to say hypalinx must’ve been a bit something of a novice as far as Jammin’ Jars is concerned when this stream was recorded as he doesn’t really seem to know what’s going on as he works his way through a bonus round. He’s already declaring it the best bonus he’s had on the game when his spins total is at a mere £14.70. Hypalinx starts to get a little excited when wins of €62.50 and €50 roll in, so you can imagine his reaction a few minutes later when 3 jars finally combine with multipliers of x8, x9, and x15 with a bunch of raspberries for a €2,160 win, followed shortly after by €528 and €796 strawberry wins. The realisation dawns as Hypalinx exclaims, “I can see why people like this game”. His run comes to a conclusion shortly after with a bonus round win of €4,225.70, or to put it another way 2,113x his bet size.

Clip 5: DCT Slot Channel – €1,527.12 (3,818x)

Our next winner is low stakes YouTube grinder DCT Slot Channel who is playing at just €0.40 a spin. Once again it looks like a fairly mediocre bonus round for DCT Slot Channel as he starts his 5th out of 6 free spins with just €39.50 banked in the round thus far. This isn’t in itself a terrible result considering the stake. However, lady luck had something altogether different planned. There are 4 jars on the board at this stage and finally 3 of those jars combine with a row of plums for a €145 win. The 5th spin adds a nice €190 to the pot, but it is the 6th and final spin which really pays dividends. After several medium sized wins with 2 jars, the third jar finally rejoins its pals for a strawberry win. There may only be 2 strawberries in sight, but with multipliers x17, x14, and x7 applied that €0.40 bet turns into €666 win. The 3 jars stay together for one more win as they all connect with a number of plums to create a €518.40 combo. Unfortunately the action ends there, but with a €1,527.12 win, DCT can boast a Jammin’ Jars win of 3,818x his stake.

Clip 6: Adrian – €33,763 – 8,441x

Playing at a lofty €4 a spin, Adrian gives us our first truly big score in terms of cash won. At almost halfway through the bonus round Adrian’s bonus round winnings were still very average with about 100x in the bank. However, with three jars close together with x9, x7, and x5 multipliers and a couple of strawberries in between he picks up his first four figure win of €1,260. From here on in the big wins just keep on coming as the three jars stick together like glue as there multipliers go up and up. Just a few drops later on the same spin Adrian picks up 2 four-figure wins at once; with multipliers on 12x, 11x, and 9x he hits a plum win of €1,425, and a massive strawberry win of €9,504. By the end of his 3rd spin Adrian’s winnings had risen by over €16,400. Soon after a fourth jar joins in on the fun and combines with two other jars for the biggest win of the game. 10 plums link with jar multipliers of 19x, 15x, and 4x for a €13,680 win. One more big win of €2,880 from his 6th and final spin brought Adrian’s final bonus round total up to €33,763 – 8,441x his €4 stake.

Clip 7: Ligneto – €28,842 (14,421x)

Playing at €2 a spin, Ligneto’s huge win is another captured on a smart phone and again we join the action deep into a big run. With his win already up to €16,500, the first win we see adds another €5,148 to that total. Throughout the video Ligneto is crying with joy and laughter to the point of sounding almost deranged. His girlfriend, however, sounds more and more concerned with her boyfriend’s increasingly manic behaviour. As it turned out, Ligneto had only logged in to the casino to show his girlfriend how slots work when he landed this big win. After a few more wins of several hundred euros as well as a €3k and €1k drop Ligneto’s final winning total was €28,842.70, a massive 14,421x his stake.

Clip 8: Ripnrolla: 334,305 SEK (€33,431) – (16,715x)

Our final clip is the biggest of the bunch, and it’s yet another hand held amateur recording from player Ripnrolla. Playing at 20 SEK a spin (€2) Ripnrolla’s bonus round is underway with just over 1,700 SEK in winnings. Unfortunately the filming leaves quite a bit to be desired so it’s difficult to work out exactly what’s going on sometimes. What we do see though are some HUGE wins drop in, including a couple of 43,000 SEK wins and a one whopping 134,000 SEK (6,732x) win. By the end of Ripnrolla’s wild ride he has 4 jars on the board with multipliers of 8x, 18x, 25x, and 28x and a total win of 334,305 SEK (€33,431), representing a massive 16,715x the stake.

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