Biggest Community Wins of 2019

As we embrace the New Year and move on with all things 2020, lets take one last look back at some of the biggest wins we were able to bring to you throughout 2019. I say, ‘some of the biggest wins’ because of course if we were simply focussing on THE biggest wins then we could just republish last month’s “Biggest Dead or Alive 2 Wins of 2019”. However, there were plenty of big wins to champion in the Slotosphere last year and so we have come up with our top 10 wins from 2019 EXCLUDING Dead or Alive 2. Of course, if you missed the Dead or Alive 2 countdown you can view it anytime here.

10. Brian Koppen – Primal Megaways™ (Blueprint Gaming) 12,841x win

Our first clip is short and shoddy, but thanks to forum member Brian Koppen’s quick thinking in reaching for his mobile device, we do at least get to enjoy his outrageously big win being counted up. To be fair, his shoddy camerawork is certainly justifiable– after all, if we hit a +12,000x win I think our hands might be a little shaky too. Brian catches the action as the cashometer rises up and up from his €0.80 bet, resulting in a single free spin win of €10,240. It would appear that Brian managed to land wild multipliers on the last 5 reels, meaning that he was awarded for multiplier full line wins for Kings, Queens, and Tigers. Not only that but the multipliers he landed were worth 4x, 4x, 2x, 4x, and 4x meaning that all wins were multiplier by 512x. His total free spins win of €10,273 was worth a very, very nice 12,841x his bet size.

9. Ligneto – Jammin’ Jars (Push Gaming) 14,421x win

Playing at €2 a spin, Ligneto’s huge win is another captured on a smart phone and we join the action deep into a big run. With his takings already up to €16,500, the first win we see adds another €5,148 to that total. Throughout the video Ligneto is manically laughing and crying with joy. His girlfriend, however, sounds more concerned that happy about her boyfriend’s increasingly manic behaviour. As it turned out, Ligneto had only logged in to the casino to show his girlfriend how slots work when he landed this big win. After a few more wins of several hundred euros apiece as well as a €3k and €1k drop, Ligneto’s final winning total was €28,842.70, a massive 14,421x his stake.

8. Vekku62 – Lil’ Devil (Big Time Gaming) – 14,596x Win

Rather than being recorded on a cell phone, our number 8 was played on a cell phone. The win was recorded by forum member Vekku62 as he hit the big time on Big Time Gaming’s September release, Lil’ Devil. Playing at €0.50 a spin Vekku62 is already well into his ‘My Angel’ free spins when the recording starts. My Angel free spins are the more volatile of the 2 free spins choices, but they do offer fantastic potential rewards – as witnessed here. In this bonus round a random symbol is chosen as a sticky wild for reels 2-5 throughout. If reels 3 or 4 fill with sticky wilds they become full reel 4x wild multipliers which increases by x2 each spin until they become 12x wild multipliers. Filling a reel with sticky wilds also adds 3 extra free spins to your total. Vekku62 has already filled both reels as well as all of reel 2 and part of reel 5 with sticky wilds. Reel 3 is already a 12x wild multiplier, and reel 4 has just filled to become a 4x multiplier. Vekku62’s win is already close to €1,000 (2,000x) when this occurs and he has 5 more spins to do complete carnage, especially with reel 4’s wild multiplier still increasing every spin.

Vekku’s biggest winning spin comes when a purple heart (the highest paying symbol) lands on reels 1 and 6 to fill numerous lines. At this time reels 3 and 4 have multipliers of 12x and 8x to make a total 96x win multiplier, resulting in a single spin win of €2,361 (4,722x). When the round comes to a close, Vekku62 has pocketed €7,298 for a win equivalent to 14,596x his bet size.

7. Jani – Money Train (Relax Gaming) 16,541x Win

We only get to see the final spin here, but what we do see is a very impressive sight. Playing the bonus round on Relax Gaming’s August 2019 release, Money Train, Jani has managed to unlock all the additional bonus reels and fill all but 1 of the 28 symbol spaces with win multipliers. Among those win multipliers are 11 special characters, some of which have win multipliers, including one of over 8,200x. In total Jani’s win reached €8,270.50. Playing at €0.50 a spin that makes a win of 16,541x his original bet size.

6. Fredos386: Jammin’ Jars (Push Gaming) – 17,276x Win

Next up is Twitch streamer Fredos386 playing our favourite slot from 2018, Push Gaming’s classic, Jammin’ Jars. Starting his free spin rounds with 4 jars, Fredo386 goes on an insane run, with two of his six spins earning him in excess of CAD $1,500, despite only playing at CAD $0.20 a spin. By the time the round ends the jars (which add a 1x multiplier to their value after every win in which they are involved) had win multipliers of 25x, 28x, 34x, and 36x and he had enjoyed individual wins which included scores of $372, $396, $576, and $648. His final tally of $3,455.11 (€2,374) was worth 17,276x his stake.

5. Nicola – Queen of Riches (Big Time Gaming) – 19,532x Win

The shortest clip of the compilation takes the number 5 spot on our list and it comes from forum member Nicola playing one of Big Time Gaming’s Megaways slots, Queen of Riches. While we don’t see the win take place, it would be reasonable to assume that the random ‘Reel Clone’ feature had something to do with the outcome. Nicola managed to capture the winning screen on a mobile device, and it shows all 6 reels with identical symbols resulting in the first 5 rows full of Kings and the last row full of 9’s. This combination of symbols resulted in a win of £3,906.35 from a £0.20 bet which equates to 19,532x the bet size.

4. TopSymbolKate – Queen of Riches (Big Time Gaming) 19,563x Win

The reason we had a good idea of how the previous win came about despite not seeing the action might have something to do with this almost identical win from August by TopSymbolKate from the same game. Canadian forum member TopSymbolKate was playing at just $0.20 a spin when a huge win rolled in on Queen of Riches. The Megaways slot randomly triggered the ‘Reel Clone’ feature which can clone any number of reels, and on this occasion, it cloned all 6 reels with the maximum 7 symbols per reel. The bottom 5 rows all contained Kings, resulting in a mammoth win of $3,912.55, equal to 19,563x the stake. This win was also good enough to make Kate the August winner of Big Time Gaming’s Tesla Draw Competition. You can read more about this in this news article we published about the win at the time.

3. Vaffel1 – Primal Megaways™ (Blueprint Gaming) 21,731x win

This clip comes from another helpful forum member who managed to capture a huge win on his laptop from a hand-held recording device. Playing Blueprint’s Primal Megaways at 20kr (€1.86) a spin Vaffel1 lands a huge win on his 5th free spin when he lands 4 of the highest paying symbol (the mammoth, which pays 50x for any 6 adjacent symbols) on reel 1, another on reel 5, and wild multipliers on every other reel. In this game the reel multiplier values multiply together, so with wilds of 3x, 4x, 3x, and 3x, the win is multiplied by 108 resulting in a single spin win of 434,952kr (€40,372). Unfortunately, we don’t get to see how much was added from the remainder of the free spins, but this win alone was worth 21,731x Vaffel1’s bet size!

2. Whitey – Lil’ Devil (Big Time Gaming) 29,569x Win

Our runner-up comes from forum member Whitey playing Big Time Gaming’s popular September 2019 release L’il Devil

Whitey is already well into an Angel Spins round when the clip begins. With 8 spins gone Whitey already has €106 in the bank, not bad considering he is playing at just €0.10 a spin but nothing compared with what followed.

The first spin we see completes a second fully wild reel which adds an additional 3 spins. As the wild reels are 3 and 4 both have become “Angel Wilds” with win multipliers. Also, all wilds in this round are sticky so with multipliers of 10x and 4x along with 2 wilds on reel 2 and 3 on reel 4 this means only one thing, LOTS of big wins. Not only this but the Angel Wild multipliers increase by 2x each until both have reached 12x so eventually all wins are multiplied by 144x. Even more free spins are added on the final spin as reel 4 fills with wilds. Without going into every single win there are 8, 3-figure wins, the last 4 of which are between 450x-550x. The total win ends up at €2,956.90, a staggering 29,569x Whitey’s stake!

1. Tesla Draw Ticket Winner November – L’il Devil (Big Time Gaming) 67,648x Win

For the second time in this compilation we have back-to-back Big Time Gaming slots as another L’il Devil clip takes our 2019 top spot. Played by the as yet unnamed winner of November’s Tesla Draw Ticket Winner, we’re once again taken to an epic round of Angel Spins, this time playing at £0.20 a spin. Starting with 7 spins and a Jack as the symbol randomly chosen to turn wild it takes up to the very last spin before one of the reels turns fully wild to give the player an additional 3 spins. Once again on the very last spin more spins are earned when not one, but two more reels turned fully wild, awarding an additional 6 free spins. Not only that but both reels 3 and 4 were now fully wild and with the additional spins, both eventually turned into 12x reel multipliers. This meant that all wins from then on were multiplied by 144! Just to add the cherry on the cake another reel turned fully wild a few spins later meaning that the maximum 4 out of 6 reels (reels 2-5) were now packed with wilds (plus of course yet another 3 free spins). The final 7 or 8 spins all brought in mammoth wins, most of them well over £1,000, with one over £3,000. By the completion of the 19 free spins the winning total had rocketed up to £13,529.54 – a whopping 67,648x the bet size.

Bonus Clip: Namelesssurvivor – Pirate’s Plenty (Red Tiger) 109,515x Win

Although our bonus clip says its is from Red Tiger’s Pirate’s Plenty, it is in fact from Red Tiger’s ‘Daily Drop’ Jackpot Feature which is won by the spin of a jackpot wheel. However, to access the jackpot a player must be playing one of the eligible Red Tiger games and either get a random entry to the jackpot wheel, or land 3 jackpot symbols. This lucky German player who was apparently playing from their very first deposit at Casino Calzone, managed to gain entry to the jackpot wheel playing Pirate’s Plenty at just €0.60 a spin!

When in the jackpot wheel it is simply a case of whether you win the Super Drop (a regular progressive jackpot) or the Daily Drop. In this instance both were huge, but it was the Daily Drop which was bigger at €65,704 as opposed to the Super Drop at €47,395. The lucky player then landed the Daily Drop for a win worth 109,515x his initial bet size

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