Watch the biggest casino streamer wins for week 45 2019

Casino Streamers Biggest Wins Compilation Video #45/2019

On today’s clip we emphasize quality over quantity. Hence, even though there are just a total of seven big wins featured. – Every one of them is spectacular. Each hit comes from a different casino streamer, on a different slot machines. Moreover, we have one of the biggest payouts, in absolute value, from a streamer ever. However, let us go in and take a look at everything we have in store for you today. 

Quick summary of the streamers biggest wins in this article:

  • 1598x Daskelelele on Return of Kong Megaways 
  • 1120x CasinoRaiders on Ice Wolf
  • 1055x Miikapekka on Money Train
  • 689x OmegaSlots on The Finer Reels of Life
  • 1194x Takethehit on Book of Dead
  • 1408x Jarttu84 on Jammin Jars
  • 25995‬x Slotspinner on Dead or Alive 2

Casino Streamers Biggest Wins Video Montage

CasinoRaiders & Daskelelele

We start our review with a new face! CasinoRaiders is a new streamer we feature for the first time on our compilations. Moreover, what makes his channel even more worth checking out, is the fact that he is a danish streamer. We have very few, if any, casino streamers from Denmark, so it is nice to see one. CasinoRaider’s win comes from the Ice Wolf slot, which is also new. This is an Elk powered title which you can find on Wildz casino. The game is very recent, so we do not have a clear understanding of its potential. However, we can say that it is a cascading type slot with two distinct reels sets. Thus, the player plays on the first reel set, and consecutive winning combos can activate the second one. In addition there is a line of symbols on top which holds a number of sticky wilds and multipliers. – Thanks to it, the slot machine can give quite huge rewards. Another, relatively new, casino game we include on the clip is Return of Kong Megaways. The Blueprint title was lucky for Daske, last week, giving his a massive 1598x the stake win.

Jarttu84, Miikapekka & Takethehit 

Three additional wins come from slot machines which we all know and love. Specifically, Jammin Jars is the first one, which Jarttu was playing on big 20 bets. What makes this hit special is that it did not come through the free spins round. Alternatively, the finish streamer got lucky with two jumping wilds which were making winning combinations consecutively. Moreover, thanks to one of the gigantic fruit features, he managed to land a combo that resulted in an epic 28167 total reward. 

Another lucky Fin, last week, was Miikapekka who was playing the Money Train casino slot on Rizk. Now, even though the streamer did not manage to activate all the reels, he did land plenty of robber symbols. Thus, thanks to their special abilities he got a multiplier of 1055x. – Quite a heist, if you ask me. 

Lastly, we have good old Book of Dead that helps our “Takethehit” streamer to make the cut. Here, a free spin bonus resulted in the explorer becoming the special expanding symbol. Moreover, in on the of the free spins, Takethehit landed four of them at the same time. Therefore, the result was a big 1194x the stake win.

Slotspinner & OmegaSlots 

It is not really a surprises that Slotspinners’s hit is the best one of this compilation. Even though, to be correct, we have to say that it was Desity who got the mega bonus win on Dead or Alive 2. This is one of the biggest wins, in terms of payout, we have ever seen on stream. Moreover, the relatively low bet size makes the hit ever more impressive. It is not every day that we see a casino streamer get 93582 from a slot machine. This really left us in awe, and we can only congratulate Desity and Slotspinner, and tell them to spend it wisely.

Finally, we have to give a shout out to OmegaSlots as well. He is also part of this clip with a nice win on The Finer Reels of Life slot machine. We do not see many players go for Microgaming slots these days. Hence, it is nice to see a streamer going traditional and giving some love to the classics.

Tell us which win on Casino Streamers Biggest Wins – Week 45 of 2019 was your favorite. Moreover, share your thoughts in the comments. Moreover, share your thoughts in the comments. Also, check our other videos on CasinoGround’s YouTube channel.

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