Watch the biggest casino streamer wins for week 33 2019

Casino Streamers Biggest Wins Compilation Video #33/2019

Welcome to this week’s iteration of our Big Wins segment! On the menu we have massive bonus rounds and huge base game hits. Moreover, we feature classic slot machines and recently released games. Some of the biggest casino streamers are the stars of this compilation. – And one of them, gets the most insane hit we have ever seen live. Finally do not miss the bonus clip at the end. Now, let’s take a look, and discuss them all.

Quick summary of the streamers biggest wins in this article:

  • 3179x Fruity Slots on 300 Shields Extreme
  • 1581x AyeZee on The Sword and The Grail
  • 960x Takethehit on Queen of Riches
  • 548x  Jamjarboy on The Sword and The Grail
  • 1560x MitaaSpins on Magic Mirror Deluxe
  • 1648x OmegaSlots on Reactoonz
  • 26674x Slotspinner on Dead or Alive 2

Casino Streamers Biggest Wins Video Montage

AyeZee & Jamjarboy

We start with a relatively new slot. Specifically with The Sword and the Grail game which we have featured before on our compilations. This is a Play’N Go title that has many similarities to 300 Shields extreme. Meaning that, during the free spins, the goal is to land as many scatters as possible. The more scatters you land, the higher the multiplier gets. – The biggest multiplier is 100x. Moreover, every winning combination will be multiplied with the current multiplier. Thus, to win big, you need to go to the end and get a good combo on the last few spins. Ayzeee and Jamjarboy both managed to do so, and as a result they walked out of their respective bonus rounds with huge payouts. The grail game is available on Calzone casino, so give it a try and let us know how far did your bonus go. 

Fruity Slots & Takethehit

From a game that plays similar, we jump to the original 300 Shields extreme and see what this poplar slot did last week. – And it did quite a lot. The lucky player was Fruity Slots who triggered the free spin feature on a £5 bet. Furthermore, he gathered enough scatters to make it to the last bonus round. Here all you need is good winning combinations, which include at least one wild. Fruity landed multiple of them, and his reward was an epic £15894. This was the second biggest hit of today’s video, and my personal favorite. 

Our streamer Takethehit, on the other hand, did not need a free spin round. His big win comes from the Queen of Riches slot machine, that you can find on Hyper casino. We all know that this is a one hit wonder slot, and that one lucky spin can produce great rewards. Hence, for Takethehit, one spin with a lot of “K” symbol resulted in a 960x the stake win. 

OmegaSlots & MitaaSpins

Arguably, these are two of my favorite casino streamers in general. Therefore, it is nice to see them win on their respective streams. OmegaSlots has to thank Garga for his cash-out. Now even though I do not like Reactoonz, I have to admit the game does have a lot of potential. That potential was in full display, during Omega’s stream, where garga got unleashed and brought with him a 1648x the stake win. 

The second streamer is MitaaSpins and his game of choice was good old Magic Mirror 2. Here, the game needs on-introduction, as we all know how Magic Mirror works and what it can do. Thus, it took Mitaa only 30 spins and two re-triggers to end up with a gigantic 1560x the bet payout. 

Slotspinner & LetsGiveItASpin

Well it was only a matter of time to be honest! We have all seen the colossal wins on Dead or Alive 2. Every compilation, for weeks now, we have at least one that defines all logic. Moreover, we have seen the game being maxed out by super lucky players. Therefore, it was a matter of time before Slotspinner would get his due on the NetEnt game. Everyone says that Slotspinner is the luckiest casino streamer, and with his 26674x the bet on DOA2, he is proving people right. 

Finally, for all you table game lovers out there, we have the bonus clip at the end. Hence do not miss it, as Kim gets it on with Lightning Roulette. 

Tell us which win on Casino Streamers Biggest Wins – Week 33 of 2019 was your favorite. Moreover, share your thoughts in the comments. Also, make sure to check our other videos on CasinoGround’s YouTube channel.

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