Watch the biggest casino streamer wins for week 32 2019

Casino Streamers Biggest Wins Compilation Video #32/2019

Tuesday is here and with it comes the latest iteration of our Big Wins segment. You all know the drill by now! Our team has gone through all the best casino streamers to see which one of them had the best hits last week. Thus, we put all the biggest wins on this video compilation for you to enjoy. Therefore, let’s jump in and see what slot games gave the largest payouts and which streamer was the luckiest.

Quick summary of the streamers biggest wins in this article:

  • 1900x LetsGiveItASpin on Money Train
  • 803x Spintwix on Reactoonz
  • 600x Slotplayer on Opal Fruits 
  • 867x Huggehugg on Money Train 
  • 649x JJCasino on Reactoonz
  • 1365x Slotspinner on Money Train
  • 1841x NickSlots on Return of Kong
  • 2080x David Labowsky on 300 Shields

Casino Streamers Biggest Wins Video Montage

Spintwix & JJCasino 

If you are one of those players that likes the Reactoonz slot, then today is your day. – That’s because we have, not one but two, huge hits on the Play’N Go game. First we look at JJCasino who was trying out the slot machine at Calzone casino. Here he triggered the Gargatoon massive wild, but due to the lack of pink symbols, the bonus did not have much potential . – At least that’s what we thought. However thanks to a ton of green monsters, the German streamer got two great combinations for a 3200 end result. 

In Spintwix’s case the big win was more usual, as his 803x the stake was a result of Garga combining with the premium pink symbols. Moreover, I have to say that his reaction was almost as funny as JJ’s. 

LetsGiveItASpin, Slotspinner & Huggehugg 

What are the odds? – My three favorite slot streamers all winning big on the same game. Specifically on the new slot Money Train, which is a Relax Gaming title. Now this game has a very unique bonus round, that you need to try, to fully understand. In a few words though. – The goal is to get as many spins as possible, and fill the screen with multipliers. Moreover, landing one of the premium symbols will give a huge boost to your multiplier.

Hence, let us go through all of the hits, starting with the biggest one. LetsGiveItASpin is first, with the streamer using the bonus buy feature to get into the free spins. Here, he took advantage of the slot’s full potential to end up with a 1900x the bet. In a similar fashion Slotspinner got 1365x the stake, while playing at 21Casino. His hit was all thanks to the collector symbol. – Which I have to say, is a favorite of mine. 

Finally,  Huggehugg left his mark on the game as well with a, more modest but still, pretty incredible 867x win. Money Train is shaping to be one of the best slot games of the year, and we have a feeling we will see more of it in the upcoming weeks. 

NickSlots & Slotplayer 

Talking about new games we go to Nickslots and his mega win on the new Return of Kong slot. This is yet another Blueprint title which blends the best parts of the old Kong game, with the megaways and bonus buy features. To be honest I was not very surprised about Nick’s hit. – I mean the guy was playing Return of Kong on four different casinos that the same time. However, I have to say, this quad slot playing gig he’s got going! – I really enjoy it. More on the win though. – It was a nice 1841x the bet, all due to the huge number of megaways for each spin. See on Return of Kong, the more scatter monkeys you get the more megaways will be on each spin. Hence, towards the end of the bonus, every spin was on a minimum of 50k ways. Therefore, both Nick and the viewers knew that the big reward was coming. 

Now before we go to the last big win of today we have to give a shout out to Slotplayer for his hit on Opal Fruits. We are really happy to see Slotplayer do good on slots, even though Opal is not our most favorite BTG game. We just hope their new Kingmaker slot is way more interesting. 

David Labowsky

More surprising than the big win itself, on this last clip, is the fact that it is not on DOA2. This might actually be the first big win compilation, in weeks, that does not feature a hit on Dead or Alive 2. Now to return to the win itself. – D-Labs gets the mother load on the 300 Shields Extreme slot game, while playing at Rizk casino. Labowsky was always lucky on 300 Shields, and apparently things have not changed. In this case the streamer managed to get to the 300x multiplier on the bonus round. Moreover, thanks to a sick line of the “Q” symbol and a wild. – He got an epic 2080x the stake payout. 

Tell us which win on Casino Streamers Biggest Wins – Week 32 of 2019 was your favorite. Moreover, share your thoughts in the comments. Also, make sure to check our other videos on CasinoGround’s YouTube channel.

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