Watch the biggest casino streamer wins for week 30 2020

Casino Streamers Biggest Wins Compilation Video #30/2020

For the last streamers compilation of July we have prepared ten clips, each one showcasing a win on a particular slot machine. These include bonus rounds and base game hits, ona a number of popular games. Moreover, we feature a nice blend of new releases and classic titels. Lastly, as per usual, we also include an extra clip at the end of the video. Therefore, let us take a look at everything in store for today.

Casino Streamers Biggest Wins Video Montage

Lifehack & Rex Borgersen

For our first clip we travel to Denmark. Here we find Lifehack playing the LeoVegas Megaways slot. - Of course at LeoVegas casino. This is a very straightforward slot, with all its potential lying on the free spins. It was during the bonus that Lifehack got a full combination of medium value symbols. Moreover, thanks to the high multiplier the overall win went up to 2831x. However, what makes this clip is the streamer’s reaction. - One of the funniest we have seen in awhile. Next, Rex Borgersen gives us a nice hit on Legacy of Ra Megaways. This is one of my personal favorite titles with multiple winning ways. Thus, it is exciting to see it make a comeback on our compilations. Legacy of Ra merges perfectly two of the most popular and rewarding slot features. Specifically, the megaways and the expanding symbols. It was thanks to both of them that Rex managed to get his 1848x reward.

Jamjarboy & Daskelelele

Staying on the sxpanding symbols topic, we also have two hits on book games. The first is from Jamjarboy on the not so popular Book of Sheba slot. The streamer first triggered the free spins, then got the “10” as the special expanding symbol. - Not a good start! However, during the bonus, Jamjarboy was lucky enough to get a full screen of tens. Moreover, land a line of the highest paying premium. As a result he ended up with more than €3k. Similarly, JackSlots also got lucky with a full line of premiums. In his case it was a base game hit, where he got five explorer symbols on Book of Dead. Hence, the usual 500x insta win.

Casinolandstreaming & Tezza Williams

For the second week in a row Casinolandstreaming joins our clips. This time he even brings us the second best hit of the day. A spectacular free spin round on Pirate Kingdom Megaways. This is an IronDog studio powered slot which you can find at Caxino. During the bonus, on Pirate Kingdom, a plethora of features, including high multipliers, gave Casinoland a stupendous 2844x the stake payout. On the other hand, we have a relatively newer streamer called Tezza Williams. He owes his win to good old Jammin Jars. The wild scatters did what they do best, jumping around producing a number of winning combos for an overall 1715x result.

Low Stake Slots & Play4win

Low Stake Slots is another streamer which we feature for the first time in our compilations. We highly recommend checking out his channel, especially if you like smaller, more affordable gameplay. However, despite the low bets, as the name suggests, the wins are quite big. Case and point, his max hit on Reactoonz. The player managed to release garga, and in turn the colossal wild helped him land a huge 1500x the bet. As for Play4win. - He got his reward on the Deadwood slot machine. The customary three middle wild reels were again responsible for Play4win’s hit. Granted, the low multiplier was somewhat of an impediment. However, thanks to the high bet size the overall payout reached more than €6k.

Fruity Slots & Gamble Gangsta

As we reach the end of our video, we take a look at the best win of the day. This time it comes from Fruity Slots on the Vikings from NetEnt. It was almost a year ago since we saw a win in this game. Hence, we are happy to share with you Fruity’s 3071x bonus hit. Moreover, do not miss the extra clip where Gamble Gangsta smashes, yet again, Crazy Time. Tell us which win on Casino Streamers Biggest Wins – Week 30 of 2020 was your favorite. Also, make sure to check our other videos on CasinoGround’s YouTube channel.

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