Slot Reviewed – Merkur Gaming – Magic Monk Rasputin

Welcome to Merkur Gamings Magic Monk Rasputin! This old-but-gold slot offers 5 winning lines, three rows and three columns of symbols. The theme is all about the old Russian mystic Rasputin. Your job is to spin the reels, collect symbols like eggs, crowns and rings. There are a couple of different ways to gamble your winnings, but you will not find any wilds or scatter symbols here. RTP is set around 96%.

Design and Symbols

It is clear this slot was originaly designed for brick and mortar casinos and bandits. The design remind a bit of the earliest video-slots, albeit with a bit more animations and features. Theme is dark and you get this feeling you are entering the dark world of the Russian mystic Rasputin

Special Features

Magic Monk Rasputin have some curious mechanics. First of all, you will not find any special symbols per-say. What you do find are these counters on the right hand side, with a linked symbol on the reels.

Merkur Gaming - Magic Monk Rasputin - Levels- casinogroundsdotcom For every winning line, you will go up one step in the relevant counter. You can cash-out these counters whenever you feel like, however the really big wins is acquired at the higher levels (Up to 20).

Not only that, but you can also do partial collection of these levels as many times as you like.

For example, you are at step 10:.

- If you do partial collect once, you will be at step 9,

- The next partial collection you will be put down to level 8 etc…

You might ask, But why would I cash-out the prizes early? - Well This is where Rasputin comes into play.

Rasputin randomly cover the reels, and when that happens the counters reset, and you will have to start collecting new points toward the big wins.

Gamble feature

Magic Monk Rasputin offer several ways to lose your winnings.


Merkur Gaming - Magic Monk Rasputin - Gamble Feature - casinogroundsdotcom First of all we will find the normal Card Picker, where you choose the face color of the next hidden card, - black or red.

Merkur Gaming - Magic Monk Rasputin - gamble levels - casinogroundsdotcom The second way you can gamble your winnings is the level picker. - This picker basically blinks between two different amounts, and you can try to play yourself up to the top prize. If you fail too many times, all your winnings will be forfeited.

Our thoughts about Magic Monk Rasputin

"RASPUTIN!" - That Russian guy in COD World at War.

Well honestly this slot was surprisingly fun to play. - My first impression when opening this slot was more down the line of “Jeez, this slot looks lame AF”. Boy was I wrong. - That bloody mystic scared the living crap out of me when I was pushing the higher winnings.

The mechanics is quite hard to grasp at first, but after giving it a few rounds, testing out the functions at the play money tables, I was able to get my head around all these buttons in the lower right corner of the slot.

Will I play it again? Yes! Definitely. - Checking the Letsgiveitaspin stream from March 5th, it looks like this slot was well received by our viewers as well.

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