MGA to Create a Unified Self Exclusion System for Online Casino Players.

Good news for the Community!  Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) recently introduced a new system for the country’s land-based casinos. This system makes it possible for players to self-exclude themselves from all casinos on the Island. That in itself is neither revolutionary nor unique.

A Step in the Right Direction.

What is revolutionary is their plans to embark on a huge project which will lead to a unified self-exclusion system for all Online Gambling Operators under the MGA licence.

As someone who’s been working floor-level at an online casino for many years, hearing both the good and the bad stories, it is truly fantastic news to see this unified system being implemented in the future.

What does it all mean?

Today, whenever you self-exclude at an MGA licenced online casino, you will only be self-excluded at that casino. This is about to change!

In the future, whenever you as a player self-exclude from playing at any online casino which operates under the MGA licence, you will be self-excluded from all other MGA licenced Casinos as well.

For you, this means less hassle whenever you need a break from gambling, and it will be a bit harder to play at serious gaming operators holding an MGA licence whenever a self-exclusion is active on your account.

“The protection of players is at the heart of the MGA’s regulatory agenda, and this project further underlines our resolve to ensure that players have the necessary tools to engage in gaming services responsibly. Over the years we have witnessed efforts from gaming operators to implement various responsible gaming measures, and thus we strongly believe that the unified self-exclusion system will be well received by the industry and consumers alike,” said Heathcliff Farrugia, Chief Executive Officer at the MGA.

Important: This does not mean other licences will be affected at all. So some casinos registered under a separate licence, who are still able to promote their games globally will be accessible for any player.

MGA Taking It Up a Notch

Initially, the Unified Self-exclusion will only be available on MGA licenced casinos. That said, MGA is open to the idea of inviting any online casino operator to OPT-in to their system.This means even though you are playing at a casino which is not licenced under MGA, your casino might have this feature in place as well when everything is in place.

What do you guys think? Share your thoughts on the unified Self Exclusion system by MGA in the forums!

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