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Big Time Gaming have landed!

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@Big Time Gaming official I can see that most of the providers and creative staff get inspiration, regarding one of your winning tunes I feel like you get your inspiration from one of the old masters - Beethoven, maybe not on purpose or something like that but most of our tunes today can be seen as inspiration from the three big one: Mozart, Beethoven and Bach.


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@BigTime Gaming Official. Thankyou for joining the casinogrounds forum/website. I may be late in welcoming you but hey ho thats not important. The important thing is that BTG have taken a serious interest in the site and all that goes on. Your games/slots are the pinnacle of the gaming world because your game design's have created huge volatility. Which players have really really enjoyed. 

The wins speak for themselves, huge wins at that. Alot if not all get posted up here on CG. In going forward i echo what smackdowncasino said that as other providers stand still you lead the way, are number 1. Your slots will remain number 1 i would comment as long as you keep the same trend in volatility, do not drift towards lots of white rabbit type games( which is a good game) , which are in design of buying bonuses. Your DHV and BONANZA, QUEEN OF RICHES, are terrific games. In my opinion 1 slot which as i have said a very good slot in white rabbit is enough on buying bonuses. 

Again welcome to casinogrounds, and i hope you have new exellent high volatile slots in the pipeline. Im sure you do. I have that feeling. 

What i would add is that you have given people hope in the fact that your games can pay 20,000 x bonuses which to some people is life changing money in just 1 spin. No other provider offers that capability. In a bonus. Keep up the good work BTG. 

Craig Smith.

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