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Betsafe christmas riddle 06.12.2018 solutions

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There is a riddle today with a lot of BIG freespins worth 1€/10NOK/SEK today, here is the solutions if you want to give it a try:

Riddle #1 = open slot and get 30 free spins
"Glimmering fireflies swarm the valley of this Asian themed slot. These illuminationg moon bugs can be seen dancing across the reels delivering your wild features!"
SLOT = Lights

Riddle #2 = play for 100€ to open next riddle
"On a beautiful land, pretty pixies are seeking; An underground treasure, glistening, sparkling. But the quest is not easy and comes at great peril; For the goblin king's greedy and his minions are feral"
SLOT = Enhanced Crystals

Riddle #3 = open slot and get 30 BIG spins (1€)
"Based on a not-so-true-story, this Slot needs no introduction, "fee-fi-fo-fum, Be he alive or be he dead, he'll grind his bones to make his bread" - charming!"
SLOT = Jack and the beanstalk

Riddle #4 = play for 250€ to open next riddle
"The music's futuristic, the background is blue; And its modern design full of shimmer and light! To guess the game, you only need this clue: It's almost nirvana, but not quite!"

Riddle #5 = open slot and get 50 BIG spins (1€)
"A crew og pirates seeking revenge sailing high-seas at Pan's expense, Patchy, Goofy, Speccy and Tom Boy, are all bandits Hook seeks to employ".
SLOT = Hook's Heroes

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