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NBA Betting

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Results from last Bet... :ph34r:


Cavs barely won and Minnesota lost.. bvadr!!!..

Have played a lot of fotboll during the weekend, live odds. Have upped the balance a bit, so thats good. 


Here are a list of the bets:


Inter och ja @ 3,40
Oavgjort @ 3,80
FC Porto och ja @ 3,25
Dubblar, 3 Spel * 50,00 kr

25/11/2017 20:39:55150,000,00

(0-1) Real Betis -0.5 @ 2,750
Chelsea eller Oavgjort @ 3,75
Dubblar, 1 Spel * 100,00 kr

25/11/2017 19:57:09100,00817,31

Bayern München eller Oavgjort @ 4,33
100,00 kr Singel

25/11/2017 19:49:30100,000,00

(2-2) Real Madrid -1.5 @ 2,600
173,75 kr Singel

25/11/2017 17:33:10173,750,00

Romelu Lukaku @ 4,00
100,00 kr Singel

25/11/2017 17:28:44100,000,00

Schalke @ 2,87
130,00 kr Singel

25/11/2017 17:00:51130,00373,75

Tottenham @ 1,80
(0-0) Man Utd -1.5 @ 1,950
Ja @ 1,95
(0-1) Middlesbrough -0.5 @ 1,825
Fyrlingar, 1 Spel * 100,00 kr

25/11/2017 16:24:44100,000,00

Stoke @ 6,00
100,00 kr Singel

25/11/2017 16:21:59100,000,00

Watford @ 4,50
100,00 kr Singel

25/11/2017 16:18:29100,00330,00

CLE Cavaliers -7.5 @ 2,20
MIN Timberwolves -5.5 @ 1,95

Dubblar, 1 Spel * 150,00 kr

24/11/2017 21:51:27150,000,00


So I won a total of 467.31sek

Was a bit unlucky on Real Madrid as they had a goal wrongfully taken away for offside :(



Balance: 1767.31

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Start Balance: 1767.31 sek (500sek start)


Tonights footy bet:


Brighton @ 2,60
Yes Both to score (West Bromwich & Newcastle to score) @ 2,00

5.2 * 117,31 kr

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Allright so I actually cashed out my balance on NBA bets. Got a little more than 5x the deposit, so a very good return. I did have a bad run on Basketball and started playing some football instead. Had some good wins (not all shown in this topic)..

Ill start NBA betting again, if not tonight, then on saturday.

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Just a small free bet on Bet365 :)


Lakers to win + Wizards to win


50kr x 3.91

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Nice the free bet came through. Wizards and Lakers both won. Lakers were missing two starters, so I was like there goes that multi. Really bad loss for the Pacers, but hey I'll take it :)


After 2 out 2 live odds bets as well balance is now up to 460sek. (from a 50sek free bet, withdrawable btw)

When Everton were losing I put my entire balance (150sek ish) on them not to lose. It ended 1-1 :)

Then I put 125sek on City to win by 2 or more, when the score was 2-1 with like 20 min. to go. City won 3-1 :)


Really like doing in-play markets as you see the actual flow of the game. 

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Actually placed a pre game start acca.. here u go


Nice to win at home vs. St Etienne (1.87)

Udinese & Spal both to score in the game (1.8)


Stake: 109sek (balance left 350sek)

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