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Slotsmillion stalling a withdraw for 3 weeks

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I'm posting this in the hope that there's a Slotsmillion rep hanging around here.

They have the most awful KYC process i've ever seen.

I have sent them..

  • Proof of identity
  • Proof of address
  • Photos of credit card
  • Credit card statements

They are refusing to send me a mere 307$ because they claim they need to see "a bank statement, that shows the account that the card is linked to (to verify ownership of the account)".

The problem is the card is not linked to a bank account. It's a credit card from a different bank where I don't even have a savings account. I don't understand why they need this to certify that i'm the legit owner of the card. 

The withdraw is locked... so I can't even play it. 


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Just had a quick read up about this casino , launched in 2014 , seems kosher ,  these verifications rules are needed but a little common sense should prevail at times especially if what you state that you already sent them is true.

So many casino's old and new but also a few dodgy ones out there for sure.

I hope you eventually get it resolved phony     🙂

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hmmmm , just delved a little deeper into this casino and it seems quite a few people have had the same issues especially when making withdrawals , people been waiting for weeks despite sending in all relevant documents.

Google : slotsmillion casino reviews and you will see all feedback  , some of the reviews are quite recent.

Good Luck with it son

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I think slotsmillion is promoted here. Ask for the administrators if they can help out. Otherwise file a complaint on askgamblers and have it resolved asap 

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