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Hey check this topic XD

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So i was gambling from 4 years maybe more usually on sports an i have profit on sports but then i saw dead or alive 2 slot with incredible huge winnings so i decided to play on this slot as well and i have a max win on 0.09 euro bet 10k euro amazing xd but what  i would like to said i cashed it out 10k euro that was amazing but a couple of months and days im playing and playing so basically  it was not a profit but one day i have crazy run on Wildz casino from 50 euro deposit made 10000 euro that crazy   i have that profit on blackjack and roulette so i lock my account and cashed it as well 10k profit from 50 euro bet. So where is the clue you think its now after that winnings i was playing as well but always loosing always just sometimes incredible bets like 1k euro on free bet blackjack and have a 10 vs 10 witch is free double and take an A   so its 21 and dealer have a blackjack thats crazy. So what i would like to say if you deposit a small money and win big just take it out and never come back just go back to sport what i have done. on sports im up like i dont really know but maybe 20 to 40 k euro but on slots and live casino im down like 30 to 40 k so i hope thats leagues come back and can make profit again. But remember if you win big never come back just take it out and come back of you wont after couple of months.  

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