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SMS Casino Spam

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Hey guys,

The past 2-3 months I've been receiving spam SMS to my phone from casinos I've never even signed up for.

There's no way I can block them, as they come from a no-number name like CasinoVIP, CasinoValue, Casinotip, Mobilebonus, CasinoClub, PlayCasino, etc. Usually 2-3 messages from each before a new name pops up next time. Often saying I've won additional freespins, 500% bonuses, and stuff like this.

Every message includes a bit.ly referral link, and I've tried to contact the different casinos and have these shut down, becuase they are clearly running a business I never signed up for.
What I'm thinking is that some casino site I'm currently signed up for gives out phone numbers, or some site has been hacked or something.

Completely clueless, and these messages are getting absurdly annoying, especially when it's been going on for a couple of months now.

Does anyone have ANY idea how to stop these spam SMS I'm receiving? Any help is greatly appreciated.

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Which country are you from?

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I have the exact same problem that you have. Every time I get a spam sms I contact the casino and ask them to tell their affiliate to stop advertising sms to me - That should not really be needed when I never said yes to advertising, and advertising via sms is forbidden in Sweden unless you say yes to advertising by SMS.


Nobody is advertising for free. And the casino sites do not seem to care that any of their affiliates perform illegal activities.

Just as you write, you can not block the number or unsubscribe from the sms list - And even if you succeed, new arrivals/numbers will come with new casinos. It's a damn terror, especially for me trying to stop playing.


I have saved all my sms from June. Here are all Casinons I have received sms commercials through their affiliates: (Shame on you to interact with people this way, and simply dont't care!)


Madame Chance





21 Casino



Gale & Martin

La Fiesta Casino





OVO Casino





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Any spam I get (sms or e-mail) I write to both the casino and affiliate manager by e-mail with the affiliate ID in question telling them that it is unsolicited and if they don't act upon it they will be reported to the UK regulator.

In most cases I get a reply saying the offending affiliate account has been closed.

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Here is an answer i got from 777:

Thank you for contacting 777 .


we sincerely apologize for any inconvenience caused and thank you for your patience and understanding in this matter. However as previously advised you would have to contact the affiliate site that you are subscribed to and request for them to unsubscribe you from the site(s). Once again note that we do not have direct access to these sites in which we are not able to complete your request 


Should you wish to contact us again regarding this or any other matter, please do not hesitate to do so.

Thank you for contacting 777 .


The problem is i cant contact a ghost. I havent subscribed to any affiliate site. They dont care. 

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Illbeoveryou unfortunately the casino guy is right, he really can't control how people affiliate. The casino could however, ask you what affiliate link is being sent to you, and contact the spammer and/or stop his spamming.

Considering I get daily spam from the same addresses as the OP, chances are someone's been selling information from a casino or something like that. 


edit: what camilla said

Edited by ruho79

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I've decided I've had enough of this shit.

Someone is really aggressively marketing Gale & Martin through SMS constantly, so I decided to ask the website about it. They thought me giving them my phone number would fix something.  First I chatted up Gale & Martin, and they actually seemed baffled that I would try to stop some affiliate from working 9_9

Found the affiliate at luckyaffs and emailed them to stop. If this isn't the end of that aff link I'll start emailing the commission.



Here are cliff notes:

-fuck gale & martin

-fuck that spammer

-gonna report every spam SMS I get

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Casinos place high demands on identification on players who want to withdraw money. Set as high demands on affiliates to. How difficult is it, for example, to make an unregister link in all sms that casinocompanies-affiliates sends out? ?

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