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Issue on the theoretical RTP in the helpfile did not match the configuration of the game.

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Hi. Been a lurker for a bit but thought I would share this. Had an email saying below. I have taken out company names just in case if you know what I mean. What I am wondering is do you think this may apply to every casino with the game on and would have had the same helpfile? Am thinking the helpfile is within the game provided by the Vendor and it may have been the same info across casinos? 

From email.
Between the 14/01/20 and the 20/02/20 there were bets placed on games provided by the vendor #######. It has recently been noted that for this duration, the theoretical RTP in the helpfile did not match the configuration of the game.
This error was isolated and was corrected immediately upon discovery. All of our games still undergo rigorous testing and monitoring for the avoidance, and if necessary, prompt resolution of these issues.
A £## credit has been applied for your stakes on the effected games for the effected period, representing the difference between the advertised theoretical RTP in the help file, and the actual RTP the game performed at for the duration of the issue.

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Posted (edited)

That is interesting.

Especially now since an increasing number of vendors offer different RTP settings for their games,
I imagine that a mismatch between advertised help file RTP and actual RTP of the played game could occur easily
unless this is prevented by design of the game.
(for example print the RTP on the game screen instead of mentioning it in the helpfile) 

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I see it already known. 


My email was from Coral and Vendor was PnG.

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