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Can somebody explain me that (Affiliate)

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Maybe this is the right Topic, i am not sure.

I have a big question, on my Wildz-Affilliate-Overview for April, there is the first until sixth of April, a positive Net Revenue. But today All six days are shown as Revenue Share "00,00" 

Even the days were it is minus/negative.

Until now i have no answer of Manager or the support-e-mail.

3 days should have positive revenue share and 3 negative but it is listed as "00,00" 

In the morning there was the correct Revenue Share Amount 

I am not sure if it is a kind of scam or something because april is going to end or something. 

Maybe somebody could check his own wildz overview. So i can know that it is only a Bug and others have same Issue maybe.


Thanks for help.



Best regards 



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