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Gambling - ruin my life in 5 years

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Hello everyone,

I am 26 and I am gambler.

I gamble for 5 years till now. During that time I lost about 30,000 EUR. I lost almost everything besides money, my family, girlfriend, friends desire to live and now I am alone, well not alone I have a gambling debts that I can't currently pay because I have no money.

But how that happened? Here is my story.

Everything started 5 years ago I was on holiday and my friend show me a casino site when upon registration I got 20FS I remember that I won about €100 I think wow it was so easy.

After that situation I registered in almost all casino sites who offer some kind of non deposit promotion - everything was just for fun and sometimes I even won some money.

The first big withdrawal was from CasinoHeroes I got some freespins there non deposit after I beat the wager I made a mistake and clicked 20€/spin got freespins on Book of Dead and won about €1800 for a student that was more than enough to live with all kind of life comforts - but only for a while.

I showed my win to my friends and they were suprised but, they also told me that I will end up loosing  fuck me if I could just listen to them.

I did not remember my first deposit but I think that was quick loss. I did not gamble to win a fortune that time I had not debts etc 4 years ago) All I want was just have some fun.

They first gambling problem started some time ago after I lost that €1800, I said to myself dude you fucked up you could buy so many things for that I was student.

After that loss and after I closed almost all casino sites where I played.
I return for and I have that situation pass 5 years about 4-5 when I return to slots.

I don't know if I said it before I play mostly slots live casino is not entertainment for me maybe some DreamCatcher or Monopoly)

After I lost all my money I started to think, Hey maybe I will take a small loan and I will win everything back? Like you guess that won't work, and small loan started to be bigger loan and bigger.

The worst was last year. My family took loan from a bank to pay my debts. Everything was good I had not gambling debts and I started to go to a party again,found my girlfriend,new friends even in my job I got a promote and rise.

I started to have a hope for better days.

Unfortunatelly for me and my family better days did not come. I did not block myself with a gamban after my family paid my debts and once again It started all over again...

I started to make a deposit after deposit like a mad man. I limited meet ups with my friends and family. I became depressed and feel unhappy. The only moment when I feel happy was when I made a deposit and made a cashout got big wins etc.

I lost it all you know? Even my salary, they people who gave me money want that money back and I just wanna hide from the problems. I don't see any solutions. My life is a ruin right now. I feel so hopeless that's killing me from inside.

I know what I did.

I know who I am.

I allready closed all casino sites, promise to myself that I  won't  touch casino never again, can't even watch casinos streamers saying Its easy money" or Get paid". Maybe there are lucky for a while but 9/10 players are loosing at the same time.

Remember to don't play if you can't afford to play. Remember that u will end up loosing at they end.

I wish I could turn back time but I can't.

For me it's too late but maybe for you it's a chance!


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Why are you even being on this forum, everything here is about gambling and you will just come back to gambling as soon as you have money.Stop watching streamers, they will just make you want to gamble more with their winnings/unlimited funds etc.Stop visiting casino sites, you don't seem like someone who can control himself.Find something else to do and forget about gambling, start gaming for example or anything that's fun for you.Whenever you get the money remember how you felt after you lost your salary, a lot of money each time and don't think this time it's gonna be different "you are gonna win big" cuz it won't happen.It's never too late, wish you all the best man and fuck the gambling :)

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Get Gamban/Gamstop.

Ask Skylined87 to delete your account here- the last thing you need is notifications alerting you to replies and bringing your attention to this here gambling forum.

Whenever you feel the urge, go for a walk and have a little conversation with yourself, listen to the voice that you know is the realistic wise one.

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Hey @lukisss77, I've sent you a PM with a GamBan license, which should help you getting on the right track. As @dirtystack said, you have no need for more notifications from a gambling related forum and I will lock the thread. Thank you for sharing your story and I really hope you get your life back together as it's never too late.

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