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Possible Charity Stream!

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British Red Cross - UK Response Charity Stream

Hey all, just posting out there if any streamers would be up for doing a charity stream with myself.

I am currently doing a fundraiser for the British Red Cross - UK Response. I am hoping to raise £250 as a goal, If we hit that goal then I will personally add 50% on top of the £250, which will total to £375 which is amazing. This will be my first charity stream and hopefully other streamers would like to join in too. I was thinking they can pick their charity too. So a grand total that we would raise for different charities would be great! 

I have been given a support fundraiser manager from the British Red Cross and we are working out more things to make the stream entertaining. I have been given a few badges and leaflets telling me about where the donations would go towards to. 

The link below is where my fundraiser is, I will be doing live updates, what is to come as soon as it is confirmed with other streamers!

I am asking streamers already and there are some that would like to know more which is good to hear :) 

Much love and support to you all through these tough times but remember we are stronger together :D

Just a heads up too who would you like to see in a podcast slot fiesta 😋

I look forward to hearing your responses!

Thank You!


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