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Monopoly strat

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Hi Kim. What do you Think of this strat? Then you just going for the rolls and only lose on 1.  And on 54 spins the picture on the bottom shows the win %. 



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More good info.
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No matter how you balance it you are better off not betting on 5 because the RTP on 5 is so bad compared to 2 and 10.

You would be better balancing your bet around 2 10 and the rolls.

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Not how it works, sure you are more likely to get your money back on a given roll.

You are getting back your bet plus roughly £10 to £16 profit, lets say £14 on average, that's 10% of your bet. In other words you need to win 10 times in a row to double your money. As you have a 60% chance of winning you will on average miss 4 time out of 10.

You bet £1400 over 10 rounds and you should expect to lose £480 every 10 rounds until you hit the rolls.

Odds of rolls are 13 to 1

The rolls need to, on average, pay you £624 each time which is 26x.

My numbers aren't 100% correct, just trying to give you some idea. There is no magic combo on these games, same as roulette, if there was a system then the game wouldn't exist.

You can only hope to get lucky and cash in, spreading the bets too much makes it less likely you will ever win, especially when picking a lower RTP number like 5 or 1.

By all means try it.  Minimum bet is £0.10 so you can try it with the bets of £5, £2.6, £1.4, £2.5 and £2.5 for £14 per round. try it and keep us updated as to how it goes. 

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thats a good strat for lose the bankroll more quickly.

betting on multiple fields at same time = offer the % RTP to the casino multiple time faster (and the RTP from this game is really not the greatest as you know it).


(my advice for win on the rolls field: go all in one round, and run for the hills (or make another deposit..))

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Play this if you are in profit, 10 rounds on 2/4 rolls if it comes enjoy if not still enjoy, same as lighting roullete. 

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