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Coral making it impossible to withdraw. Lawsuit?

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As in the title. Have been trying to sort out a withdrawal from Coral casino for about 2 weeks now. The problem - I deposit using my Visa Debit, always have. When I go to withdraw page, I get only 4 options to pick: bank transfer, Skrill, Neteller, Ecopayz. No visa available, and I can't withdraw with methods I did not use for deposit. 



Support is a joke, chat support has no power, can just send you to email the support team. Email support team gives you automatic email response saying they will  respond in 24 hours. 

"Many thanks for your e-mail.
We aim to respond to all queries within 24 hours and will be in contact with you as soon as possible. Note that you can also contact us using our live channels. Please visit our contact page for further details: https://myaccount.coral.co.uk/en/mobileportal/contact
We thank you for your understanding.
Your Coral Support team"

After 24 hours with no response I contact chat support to ask about this, and they tell me it's 24-72 hours. 4 days later, I have to contact them again as I still got no response to my email. This exact time frame already happened twice for me in this debacle. 

After my first contact with chat support about 2 weeks ago, I was told that the address of my bank is in a different country then my address, which is ridiculous. I live in the Isle of Man, and my account is with the Isle of Man Bank, located.... you guessed it, in the Isle of Man. And that's where I lived, and the bank I used since registering with them years ago. 

Anyway, I'm told to send an email with all bank details, and instructions of how much to withdraw for me. I send it. After 4 days with no responses I contact chat support again. I explain the situation, they ask me to send them a screenshot of withdrawal options in another email, I send it. 

A day later I get a response: They tell me to send the bank details AGAIN, and that the bank address must be in the same country (as it is). I tell them I already did, but send all the details again just in case, they tell me to wait 24-72 hours for response.

A few hours later I get another email:" We have verified your Visa, make another deposit to be able to withdraw. Also the swift code you sent for your bank is incorrect, send us the correct one. "

I tell them that swift code I sent is correct (as it is, checked multiple times), and send them screenshot of my by account details with swift code and everything so there's no questions there. I ask why I need to deposit again, since I deposited about 15 times in the last 2 weeks. The only response I get is: your card is now verified, you must deposit again, then you will be able to withdraw. I deposit again, and as expected - no changes (cleared cache, cookies, checked different browsers, tried my smartphone), still the same problem.

I'm starting to get slightly agitated at this point, but keep being polite in contact with them. 

I send them another email explaining that it didn't help, and ask them to just withdraw it for me from their side. 

5 days pass, no response, no changes to the situation. 

I'm really angry now, decided, sod it, I will try the bank transfer option. The problem - the drop down menu for currency is hard fixed on EUR. Now I play on coral with GBP, always have, all my deposits are in GBP, Isle of Man currency is GBP, all the banks operate in GBP. 


So even considering they will somehow allow me to use this method, (even though according to their withdrawal rules it seems very unlikely, because it was never used for deposit) I will lose a huge chunk of my withdrawal, because it would have to be exchanged from GBP into EUR, the form EUR back into GBP (and we all know how terrible currency exchange rates are at banks) and then extra charges from the bank for sending the wrong currency. 

I contacted chat support again, about why my currency is set to EUR, and to ask to change it back. Nice person in chat support promises to personally chase the other support, after hearing about my problem with no responses from email support. I get a response saying the currency they have set for Isle of Man is EUR, and that's that. 

I explain why this makes no sense, ask them again to withdraw it for me in to either my visa or bank account, the details of which they got from me a few times during this debacle, or I will have to contact the British Gambling Commission (BGC). After some time I get an email asking me to deposit again, because my visa has been verified and I will be able to withdraw after I deposit some more. 

At this point I'm done, this is a pisstake. I explain again, that I already deposited after they told me to, and it didn't help, and tell them to withdraw the money from their side, or deal with BGC. 

The response I got: There is no restriction on your account, provide the screenshot of an error you are getting. 

With no swearing or abuse, but with harsher tone I ask how many times I need to provide the same details, and send the same screenshots. But still, I explain the whole situation AGAIN. And ask then AGAIN to withdraw my funds into my visa or bank. 

I get response: What error are you getting, please provide the screenshot of the error. 

I'm trying to stop myself from punching a hole in my monitor at this point. I write another email, EXPLAINING THE WHOLE SITUATION AGAIN IN ALL CAPS, and telling them to either get a supervisor to contact me (preferably over the phone), or withdraw my funds to my visa or bank. 

The response I get this time: Sorry about your inconvenience. The currency for bank withdrawals to Isle of Man is EUR. 

I write the last email, explaining that I have a gambling problem (which is true, I locked my account with them before for that reason, but I managed to get it running again within 30s and get deposits going again, no cooldown period or anything), and that I'm trying to stop myself from wasting all this money for 2 weeks, and they keep it available to play at my account, and make it impossible for me to withdraw. I'm pretty sure doing this knowing about someones gambling addiction is seriously illegal in UK. 

Also contacted the chat support to find out what are my options if the support can't or don't want to help me here, and apparently my only option is to get a lawyer and sue. 

Looking for any possible information on how to proceed with this situation, or how to go about suing an online casino. I have all the emails, most chat screenshots, etc. Also there were a few more scummy situations with chat support during this that I can add here if needed, but it's more about their support being terrible, rather then getting my money back.



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After having a support staff member put in a position, where he had to admit on record, that with the system they have in place, my only option is to sue them, the response time for emails went from over 4-5 days, to a few hours, interesting that. 

First I get an email asking to provide bank details again, to get a manual withdrawal of my funds of 1.01£ (while there's 599.6£ in my account). At the end of the email there's a "further questions" email address, not coral's, but galabingo, wtf?

I respond basically asking if they are taking a piss at this point, send them the bank details AGAIN, and ask for a withdrawal of all 599.6£ from my account. 

Got a few more email back and forths  asking for bank details again, sending them bank details, repeat. This time I sent a screenshots of my bank account details with the emails as well. 

Then a few more back and forth email exchanges with them telling me that the Iban I gave them is incorrect, to send the correct one, and me replying with "no, this is the correct iban, you have a screenshot of my bank account to verify it", them still claiming it's wrong, rinse repeat.

After a few of those, I finally get a response saying "withdrawal has been approved, expect money in 2-5 days", standard... but

Then I get an email saying my bank details can't be registered by financial team, withdraw with your registered Netteler account. 

At this point I'm flabbergasted. I don't have a netteler account, I already got an email confirming the withdrawal. 

I realized coral is a complete shitshow, now I'm just waiting those 2-5 days, hoping that the withdrawal will come through, and I can close my account with them for good. 

Let that be a warning for anyone thinking about depositing money in this casino. I will update again, hopefully the last time, after I get the money, or after I don;t get them for long enough.

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I've had a coral account for years don't use it much but never had any problems  normally paid out the next day. Its shocking the way you've been treated hopefully you'll get your withdrawal soon.

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Ok. just checked my coral account again. My withdrawal of 599.60 got cancelled, withdrawal of 531.77 pending.

Why was my withdrawal cancelled?

Why is there some random amount withdrawal pending?

No idea. I never used any bonuses on coral, just played for my own money, so it's definitely not that, and also all 599.60 was withdrawable .


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Considering you have had issue with them dictating Isle of Man is a Euro currency I'd hazard a guess that they have your 599.60 pegged as the amount in Euros and have converted it to GBP in the withdrawal amount.


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I have every deposit 1 for 1 in GBP, playing in GBP, my currency at my balance shows GBP, and their emails confirming my withdrawal say 599.60 GBP.

And even if, if I bet 1 GBP, win 100x and they pay me out 89GBP instead of 100 because suddenly they decided my 1 GBP is only worth 1 EUR, this can't be legal can it?

Here's the email that confirmed manual withdrawal.

Dear Andrew,

Thank you for contacting Customer Service regarding your withdrawal.

I am sorry that there has been some confusion for you as to if the withdrawal is being processed. I can confirm that the withdrawal of £599.60 is being processed for you via a bank transfer. Once the process is complete on our side banks then advise 3 - 5 working days for their processing though most are quicker.

I hope this clarifies matters for you Andrew and once again apologise for the confusion.

May I also take this opportunity to thank you for your custom and to wish you a great week ahead.

In case you have further questions, we will be more than happy to assist you.
Thank you for choosing us as your online gaming site.

Best regards,


Customer Service

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OK Hopefully last update. 

The last random withdrawal was cancelled as well, this time because of the wrong account number!! They got my correct account number, including screenshots of my account details from the bank website, at least 7 times.

It also pisses me off, that I have to go through their financial team to get a manual withdrawal, and then, after they finally allow it and initiate the withdrawal,  they need 2-3 days for the financial team to approve the withdrawal?! After it's been approved and initiated by them. Anything just to keep the customers money for longer I guess.

While waiting for days for any replies I made a Skrill and Neteller account. For whatever reason Coral would not take Skrill deposit, could not be bothered wasting another 3 weeks to try to find out why from support. 

Took a few days to get my Neteller account verified, but after this, I deposited from my neteller account, and then withdrawn the rest of the money from my coral account. 

The other thing I need to deal with through British Gambling Commission is beyond the scope of this forum, so will skip this. I will just add, Coral and Ladbrokes (the same company) was fined last year almost 6 million pounds, for taking advantage of addictive gamblers, but it seems they changed nothing about their practices. I guess 6 mil is nothing compared to what they can make of gambling addicts.

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