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Casumo closed account

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So i received an email from Casumo this morning stating they have closed my account 'Due to our commitments as a Responsible Gambling operator'

The back story is i normally play small stakes up to £1, i recently had a win (£7K) on another site, so i decided to play some higher stakes on Casumo with said winnings.

Everything was fine until a few weeks back when they blocked me from depositing an asked me for source of wealth verification. I have been back and forth with them via email providing every document they have asked for such as bank statements, proof of the winnings etc.

To be honest I feel like they have been overly difficult in there communications and tried to make it hard me to pass the checks, i have never had a problem on casumo before and I cant imagine I've broken any T&C's.

Now for an added bonus I had 39 hearts on Lil Devil on a £4 stake, which i now wont be able to complete, so Im understandably a little bit annoyed.

So is there anything i can do in this situation? Do i have a leg to stand on or will i just have to leave it as 'The Heartstopper that never was' 🤣


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Hi there @scottd93

I'm sorry to hear that you're unhappy with our resolution,

When it comes to our social responsibility and keeping our players out of risk we have assessments in place. And we have a team focusing on handling these kind of cases.
unfortunately we're unable to discuss account-specific information on a public forum and would therefore like it if you could contact our support to help you out.

You can reach us on our email [email protected] or by contact our live support.

Kind regards,

Edited by Casumo Louis

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Not really fair that to be honest is it. 

Edited by Brian porter

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you're expecting too much of the heartstopper bonus :)

What exaclty is "source of wealth" documents? How to proov it, and what exactly where is the line for unexcetable and acceptable wealth?

Also this could chance both way in matter of weeks or months. If account is locked due to low wealth, can it be re-opened if you can proove new wealth?

I just wonder, i have never had any requests for this (and i rarely play stake over €2 per spin)


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Giving out the exact specifics can mean that people can try to circumvent it, which is not our goal with responsible gambling.
What can be mentioned is that our responsible gambling team has multiple factors weighing in before actions are being taken.

Let me know if you have any other questions.

Kind regards,

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I’ve had a very similar problem with Casumo, I’ve already posted this on Trustpilot....

Casumo have become determined to verify and re-verify and verify once again many players. You could be forgiven for thinking it was because “in November 2018, Casumo was hit by a massive £5.85m fine by the UK regulator the UKGC, for ‘social responsibility’ shortcomings” . They have also been heavily fined by the Dutch gaming authority for the following “ were found to be offering unlicensed electronic gambling services to citizens in the Netherlands. Furthermore, the KSA found that they were using an unlicensed payment gateway and the Dutch language was being used in the casino’s live chat facility. Thus confirming to the KSA that Casumo was deliberately targeting Dutch players.” 
Casumo seem to be prioritising accounts that are in profit, when requesting “source of wealth” I’m over £17K in profit, and they now refuse to allow me to deposit until I can “prove” I can afford to!!!!
I would recommend calling the UK gambling commission to report their dubious tactics.
Ask to speak to Fiona, as she is has other complaints on file. Hopefully, a threat from UKGC , will change their dubious interpretation of gambling legislation.
Update..... 2 days after posting the above, and Casumo have decided to close my account “ in my interests!”

Below is the message they sent me, thankfully I have withdrawn all my funds from this once honest casino.
I’m now uncertain as to if it’s being run by muppets, crooks or the mafia, I’ll leave that for the reader to decide....

Dear J,

We have now concluded our due diligence and would like to thank you for the assistance provided during the entire process. 
In line with clause 9.4 of our Terms and Conditions and with Casumo keeping the safety and protection of our players at the heart of our business, following the information received during these verification checks, we have closed your account from our side.

Should you have any remaining cash funds on your account, please be assured that these will be withdrawn as soon as possible. In order to withdraw these funds, we may require further information and documentation from you.

We do understand that this is not the outcome you’ve expected, however, it is an action taken with your best interest in mind.  

In cases where gambling is negatively impacting your life or is becoming a problem we always recommend setting a self-exclusion on your account. A self-exclusion results in a complete lock of your account for the duration of the exclusion, varying from 6 months up to 5 years or indefinitely. It will not be possible to re-open the account for any reason until after the set period has expired. Once the self-exclusion has expired you would need to take action to opt in by contacting our ambassador team. We will then review your situation again to check if we are able to reopen your account responsibly. Please let us know if this is something you would like to consider, and we would be happy to set it up for you. 

If gambling created any kind of negative impact in your life we would like to recommend you to visit both Gamstop h where you can self-exclude yourself from all UK licensed operators and CasumoCares where you can find useful information about professional organizations and software related to gambling awareness.

Wishing you all the best,


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