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[GIVEAWAY] PopRocks (Avatar UX & CasinoEuro)

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Also did not receive any free spins.

Game is alrightish did a couple of thousand spins but most of the bonuses were 8-50x or so.
Wish the game had some random features or a better bonus system because the base game is quite dead. Turbo spin / spacebar spin would be a nice addition too. Graphics and stuff are great.

Put in about a 100 bucks and lost it all. Best one I managed to get was 347x

poprocks casinogrounds.PNG

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No free spins here as well

Made a little Dep in euros. No a bad game. Would have like to have played more but the dead spins were ruthless.

The expanding reels and building multiplier makes this game very interesting so will wait until release somewhere with NZ dollars and give it a decent blast!

From what I saw a solid 7/10


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I did do few thousand spins on the game, seem hard to get all reels max (1 time for me).

Game graphics are smoot, sound is ok but the damn bell and whistle for 0,2x win i don't get. 

May sometime do 100 spins on it but not my kind of game. rating 7/10



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As always, a big Thank You for all parties that make this promo available:

Casinogrounds Eurocasino AvatarUX/Yggdrasil and to  @Skylined87

My experiences with Eurocasino:
I did not know for sure if I ever have had an account at Eurocasino in a distant past and the live chat was very professional and helpful.
I signed up through CG link, made sure not to take a welcome bonus because I have another account at a casino in the Betsson Group.
The free extra spins on Poprock were added automatically or immediately.
On the first day I deposited EUR 400 though Trustly. On day 2 I withdrew EUR 400 again which arrived in my bank account within 12 hours
(Trustly, no separate KYC required)
Sometime along the way I tilted quite a bit and could not resist buying Pirate Kingdom Bonuses so Eurocasino enjoy the monies :) 

For the Poprocks slot:
I have hammered this one for about 30 hours.
Initially I was a tad disappointed that the standard Yggdrasil interface was not used (love a lot of those games, especially the 'Vikings go.. ' series!)
But this a good game. Plays smooth, graphics are fine, and the game is straightforward and fairly entertaining.
One minor thing that I don't love is that the top symbol hardly looks more premium to me than the high paying symbols.

The first two playing days I have hit a lot of bonuses/features but most were in the 100x region. My best wins were 230x and 240x.
With the game running cold I have had two losing stretches of EUR100 each on € 0,10 spins.
Today the game ran a lot hotter. On a deposit of EUR 50  my balance climbed to EUR 270 on € 0,10 again (no bonus buys on other slots today either)
A handful of features varying from 300x-450x !

The best hit I've had so far is 1214x see below screenshot. 
Will try to improve tonight. Good luck to all others who are playing this game tonight.

10-15% of my promo winnings are going to charity through Nickslots twitch stream.
I hear next month charity is going to be Corona-related so that is money well-spent.







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I like the game alot, i think it plays pretty nicely , and is different type of game then many other games. The high variance of the game makes it possible to get really awesome wins with low amount bets aswell. Its only a matter of time when someone posts a 10k win on 1e bet.

Thoroughly enjoyed it 9/10. Would have given it a 10 if there was speed spin.

Thanks  for a nice promo CG, and casinoeuro!





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