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Rizk casino confiscated my winnings.

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Hi guys I hope you are well, I start this post with tears in my eyes, I recently played with rizk casino for about two months with a total deposit amount of like 550 pounds, I finally won 2600 pounds and was super happy as I never win, withdrew the money and was over the moon. I then got a email two day’s later saying they need to verify my account and need a Id proof and a address proof, which is fine. I sent a picture of my British passport and a pdf bank statement in date. A couple days past and I received a email saying the documents have not been accepted, could I please provide a picture of me holding my passport and a new form of address proof, I then sent a hmrc letter and a picture of me holding my passport. Another couple days past and I received a 3rd email saying they have accepted the id but not the address, confused and upset, I explained I didn’t get bills as I live in the Uk and Sweden due to my family getting a divorce and my dads address I was using and living in at the time of playing ,I no longer pay bills or have post sent  there, I suffer from anxiety and depression and I explained that this whole situation is playing on my feelings ,I jumped through hoops to verify my account and I have done everything they asked. A few days later, they emailed me saying, dear me Jacobs sorry but as a casino we have decided that we will no longer like you as a customer and have decided that we cannot pay you your winnings  only the total deposit amount played. So I won 2600 pounds and they blocked my account closed it and only paid me 550 pounds, I’m really upset and hope this gets resolved rizk casino plz explain  

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Anything new yet? I play a lot there, so I'm curious how this plays out.

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No they still don’t wanna pay it. So I suggest you change casino, honestly mate they are the worst I ever dealt with 😤

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Rizk are a great casino with withdrawals done in seconds once you have verified your account. You say you live in both the UK and Sweden so where did you win the money? While playing in the UK or Sweden? Where was your account registered? Did you use a VPN? 

If you have followed the rules then there are governing bodies which you can complain to.I am sure if you ask one of the moderators on here they will help you out.

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