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Game bug any advice would help!

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Hi all 

I was playing perfect gems and the game bugged with " internal error " everytime i load the game i get the same message, i'm unable to play any other games on the site until have i completed this spin.

i've cleared cache cookies etc... tried different browser/device i've contaced the casino but and filled out a technical help form but they said it could be 48hrs for a reply! 

just wondering if anyone else has had this problem and what did you do to resolve it ?

 p.s hopfully it's loading up the 1000x win 

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Had the same on energy casino.. On the Mystic major game, first time I ever got free spins in that game.. 

The told me it would take around 24-48h to solve it.. After that time had passed they said a its going to take  couple of more days.. 

Ended up taking just under two months and I got paid 7cents on my account, that's what the free game paid, according to the casino.. Never got to play the free spins... 


Sure I got a few 10 spin compensations on a different slots during the the two months I waited.. 


Ended up closing my account there... 

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