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Betsafe summer riddle 7-13/8

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Here is the solution for the summer riddle at Betsafe.com running this week. Enjoy and good luck with the freespins :)

(might be som spelling i havent checked since i couldnt copy/paste the riddles, but had to re-write them... sloppy work)


Riddle #1: (get 30 free spin - 0,2€ / 2kr)
"Lost treasures, lost cities, lost secrets, lost lore; Under the ocean there's much to look for; A beckoning mermaid will guide you right there to the mythical lost city that lies... somehere!"
SLOT: Secrets of Atlantis

Riddle #2: (Wager 50€ / 500kr)
High in the mountains, far in the east; they say there's a city, paradise on earth; Where lotuses, amulets and many a beast; Guard hidden treasures, of incredible worth."
SLOT: Shangria La

Riddle #3: (get 30 free spins - 0,2€ / 2kr)
"There once was a girl with a colourful name. To visit her granny, through forests she came; but the journey's not easy, she better beware! There's a big, looming wolf that can be anywhere"
SLOT: Red Riding Hood

Riddle #4: (Wager €100 / 1000kr)
"They are magical creatures; that dwell in the woods; with bones, feathers and grass skirts; these little beasts are way too cool."
SLOT: Chibeasties (1)

Riddle #5: (get 50 free spins - 0,2€ / 2kr)
"Of Papier-mâché, pottery or clith; filed with toys or candy, or both! Broken during celebrations; by Mexicans for generations!"
SLOT: Spinata Grande

Riddle #6: (Wager €250 / 2500kr)
"First came the house of straw; then came the house of sticks. It was finally the house of bricks; that did the trick!"
SLOT: Little Pigs Strikes Back (no, its not Big Bad Wolf... yeah, it would fit the riddle better i'd say)

Riddle #7: (get 50 BIG spins - 1€ / 10kr)
"A music legend that never died; wearing colourful clothes all tie dyed. Acid-fuelled blues in psychedelic glory; like no other in this repetory."
SLOT: Jimmy Hendrix

Riddle #8: (wager €450 / 4500kr)
"Soveregin, monarch, emperor or tsar, are just some adjectives that define my role. You want to be me, but alas you are not, Guess what? Only i can rule this slot!"
SLOT: King of Slots

Riddle #9: (get 30 SUPER spins - 3€ / 30kr)
"Like a beautiful jewels in dusky skies. From cocoons they come, landing; On colourful flowers, pleasing the eyes."
SLOT: Butterfly Staxx

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