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[GIVEAWAY] El Dorado (ReelPlay)

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Gave it a bash. Not a bad game. Very teasing. Not bad at all  tho

El Dorado.jpg

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On 04/12/2019 at 09:33, teckiwi said:

For those wondering: A jackpot of 888x the bet size is awarded for any winning streak which results in 12 or more extra reels being added. The jackpot occurs in both the base and bonus game and in neither case is the win multiplier applied.



i had mine in the basegame,no 888 x but still fine, i guess it depends what symbol is connecting. was 15 reels. have picture in forum.the big numbers is covering up the back so can only see number 5 multiplier, but its a 15(symboli voittokerroin).

its not possible get that big win with a x5 multiplier..

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This game is really nice.


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ReelPlay really appreciate all the spins made on EL DORADO INFINITY REELS, the game has certainly sparked a lot of interest in the community! Congrats to @teckiwi who grabbed the jackpot early in the forum competition making a total game pay of 1348X!
I thought it would be useful to capture some of the Q&A we’ve been picking up from various streams, your contributors include: @agent00slot @Homer Spinson, @matthews1892, @Limpedimp, ACEJOHNSON & JULIOOOOO231 
What is the cap?
The payout cap is in line with your casino operator T&C’s; typically EUR250,000 or equivalent. But please check your operator T&C’s.
Is the pie gamble a true representative of the odds?
Yes, the odds in the gamble feature are true to the visuals, which is evens at the first gamble; 8 win chances / 4 lose chances at the next; 9 win chances / 3 lose chances in the final opportunity. Thus the odds increase in the player’s favour as they progress towards level 4. 

Can you choose to gamble the first level, and if you win, store it at level 2?
Yes, you can choose to gamble / store / play at each level. Upon achieving level 4, the bonus feature is awarded and played. 
What happens when you get more pyramids in the bonus game?
Each Pyramid (Scatter) win in the bonus game pays +4 free spins.
Can you win the jackpot and get paid all your line wins? 
Absolutely! Get to reel 15 or beyond and you’ll be paid 888x stake, then separately your line wins / multipliers.
You can score multiple different symbol wins in any one spin. Example: reel 1 you landed 3 different symbols, reel 2 you landed wilds, reel 3 you landed wilds - in this example you’d be looking for any of the 3 symbols or Wilds in reel 4 to continue adding reels / multipliers. 
Bet structure: £1 bet = 20 coins x 0.05. £5 bet = 20 coins x 0.25 and so on. Any bet is made up of 20 coins.
Sample pay-out calc, based on the screen grab below of a £1 bet result: 

12 orange face symbols L-R across 6 reels providing a 4x multiplier.  
Orange face symbol pays 4, so the math on the payout is:
0.05 coin x 12 symbols landed x 4 symbol pay x 4 multiplier = £9.60

LIMPEDIMF "This game is so bad its insane."
That’s not fair to the insane.
CRAZYRIGHTMEOW “Wow this is massive potential with this multi”
Yes indeedy!
VALTIAS_MULTATULI "Everyone is so excited :)"
We certainly are, it’s what they put in the water over here that does it :)
Play sensible folks, and good luck!  


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On 07/12/2019 at 02:39, Powaflowa said:

got this at least



After all 30 spins finished.this much came.211.09.



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Didn't manage to win anything big on this, so just in for raffle. 

eldorado infinity reels.jpg

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When will winners be announced? ?

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10 minutes ago, rebster said:

When will winners be announced? ?


Will do Monday as today is Public holiday in Malta, expect prizes to be credited Monday as well :) 

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Got the prize in my account, thanks all! 

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Received winnings.

this game is really good, will be one of the games I always play.

Feels good to play, smooth, doesn’t rip the balance too fast, plays at a decent pace, has a gamble that actually feels legit and the game has decent potential.

The only aspect of the game that takes time is when you are winning and reels are getting added so you end up enjoying the drawn out aspect. Other providers should take note, I really hate games that waste my time with drawn out features that result in no win- looking at you Elk.

Edited by dirtystack

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7 hours ago, Skylined87 said:

So the winners ????

Jackpot competition:

1. @teckiwi
2. @pepe
3. @OnAirJannick

Biggest win competition:

1. @Powaflowa
2. @dirtystack
3. @schurz33

Raffle winners:

@Avidgambler @Gyoza @Whitey @highway5

All entries to be checked today for validity & will be credited later today!


Thanks a lot! Played with my 50€ and cashed out 300€! ????


Edited by Whitey

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