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GoGo Casino/Leo Vegas won't payout my winnings

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Hello. I made a deposit on GoGo Casino. I signed in with Bank-ID. For you who don't know it's an app that validates you social securitynumber. I live in Sweden and since 1 Januari 2019 this is commonly the only way to login to make sure that casinos can confirm who you are as a player, a security for both the players and the casino to make sure that both are following the new gamblinglaw. "Spellagen"

Anyway, I made a deposit of 2000sek, (200€) aproximatly. Played as usually you do on the casino, I only played slots and had no active bonus. I managed to win 23000sek. (2300€)
And made a withdraw, that then was pending on my account. I then made another deposit of around 300€, i figured i could gamble that and settle with my 2000€ won if i would loose.
And i did, but thats ok.

I log out and don't think to much about it. Then later that evening i try to login, my account was "shutdown" and i couldn't login. I wrote with the support many times and they said i would get a valid answer within a month. After many different customersuppor conversations they said that I had selfexcluded myself from Leo Vegas in 2017.

I then asked what i should do, and GoGo Casino simply said you have to talk to them. I did and they confirmed that my account was shutdown, on my own behalf. I asked if i could open it again and they said it takes 5 years to open up a closed user. I explained my siutation, and that i had played on GoGo Casino. And then Leo Vegas chat just replied that i have to talk to GoGo Casino, becasue since i have played on their Casino i must talk to their support, I got confirmed then that GoGO Casino is a sistercasino to Leo Vegas and are under the same gamble license. I try to talk to GoGo again and they just say: "talk to leo vegas" , and Leo Vegas tells me the same. 

I'ts now 2 months since I made my depoist/withdrawal, the money that i did deposit came back to my bankaccount, but not my winnings.
I was given no explenation to why my account whas shutdown.

If you try to login on ANY other casino in Sweden with Bank-ID, may it be a sistercasino or a casino under the same license as a casino you have self-excluded yourself from, you can never, and should never be able to login, it says so in the gamblinglaw, (spelinspektionen, that makes the rules)

I feel robbed, and i wonder how many other people that med deposits but never won any money, It may be that i should never have been able to play on that site, since it's a sistercasino to Leo Vegas, (which i honestly didnt know it was). If you are able to login, and make a depoist, TWICE, even after my withdrawal. I feel like they should pay out my winnings. It feels criminal, and i am sad because Leo Vegas has always felt like a BIG, SERIOUS casino. And i don't know if it's GoGo Casinos fault, or Leo Vegas fault, since none of them seems to take responsibility in this case. 

I am going to file a report against them. But before i do that i would like to know if anyone can help me, or atleast tell me what i can do. Because i tried to talk to the casinos and they won't do anything.

Thx in advance.

PING KIM if you read or hear of this, i asked you on your livestream earlier about this and you told me to write you a private message on twitch, I have. If you want to contact me private you can write there. Have a good one

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I have forwarded this to Leo.

I never ask you to PM me on Twitch as I never read those messages, here or Facebook is better.

All the best,

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Thx Kim. A simple missunderstanding on my behalf. Thank you for taking this forward and for replying so fast. It means alot 

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