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Reasons behind how i fell in love with gambling

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this will probably be more of a background about how i turned into a gambler from hell lolol (no regrets tho)


when i was about 3 i was free, free to roam and be where ever i felt comfortable

i was raised on the beach and spent much time there or playing at the local park where my neighborhood was full of family and our families friends.

my grandparents lived 1/2 of block away and in between us was supermarkets,shops and takeaway bars with video games.

i hated being away from my grandfather he would normally be working or at his local club where my grandmother worked constantly and when i would visit them he would always teach me basic things such as how to do DIY,fix things and be creative or we'd just chill out and go for rides on the beach buggy,make bow and arrows or if he was too tired he would pull out the very ancient atari 64 video game for me to play space invaders or golf on.

the lights on the games captivated me for endless hours and then his daughter (my Aunty) introduced me to playing video games at the fish and chip shop and from memory they were 0.20c to play (my grandfather always had a coin for me to play whilst i was on my way home)


a couple of years later at his house one of my cousins came to visit and i learned how to play poker i would never ever beat them but it was never about that for me it was just about being involved and utilizing time with loved ones (although it all helped me to become more determined and by that i mean more determined To Win!)


now another year goes by and my mother bought her a house in a different suburb and it made me have less access to spending time with my grandfather and one late night he invited the entire family to go to my nans work for a family after hours drinks occasion.


i got to go and for the first time i met a pool table and then even more i saw my grandfather sitting on a poker slot (5 card).

i asked him how to play and he said you put money in push a button and play poker like how you have been playing at home with your aunty.


i said can i have a turn and he said no! but you can choose the color on the next gamble feature.


he got a full house which paid 2.00 and i guessed 5 colors correctly which took it to 64.00 making his collectible amount  about 90.00 and he hit the collect button.

my mind went ballistic at the thought of the fact that you could now play a video game that accepts 0.20 cent pieces, play it and actually take money out of it.

as i never thought at the time that there was such a thing.


but ever since that day i remained determined to win and when i became old enough to visit casinos alike that is what i do. and i do it and when i have my days i tell you the truth that every donkey has its day i would love to be able to obtain all of the records of winnings and highlights from mental as winning streaks such as a 58k win on the roulette from a 400.00 starting capital but the only proof that remains is a memory and my autobiography.


this is why im glad i came across many members of this forum on youtube as it gives me an opportunity to display my streaks to the world

and help show that anything is possible. but its completely up to ones mindset.


thanks for taking the time to read this if you have.


the names jacob

good to meet you!




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