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PlaynGo not showing rtp in UK market.

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Posted (edited)

There is a few casinos that have tournaments which I love the added value of.

They often feature PlaynGo games. 

Recently whenever I play them I get rinsed, like no chance whatsoever.

Rtp over thousands of spins and a variety of PlaynGo ranging from 40% to 80%

I know there is bad swings, ups and downs.

I thought maybe they were running lower RTP versions so I check the little ? and see.

None of these websites are showing it there, its always a broken link, and has been this way for the last two months. I've contacted the live chats and brought it to their attention many times and always I've been assured it will be escalated and fixed. Two months it has been like this on various sites. I could understand if it was some serious bug or glitch, but it seems like it would be a simple thing to fix.

Not having access to the RTP causes me, someone getting rinsed by these slots, to speculate that something is going on, that the websites are running lower RTP versions and busting the link to the RTP themselves so no-one can see it. I thought it was a legal requirement to show the RTP, to have it accessible.


If they don't fix it I'm going to file a big ass complaint to the UKGC.

One of these sites in question has so much dodgy shit going that they are complicit with, or oblivious of. Either of which calls their suitability to hold a license into question.

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Is this well known sites or? @dirtystack if it ain't stay clear. 

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Yes, some of the biggest, most established, online casinos.

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Maybe if you put out some names, other people from UK could check to see if its ghe same for them? 

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