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How I made a hack on Videoslots

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Here is the special story about gambling. Just think about it and get the consequence.

One month ago I found an "open back door" at VS freeroll battle rules. I started to play only Blackjack with optimal strategy. Just to be able to made the 500 euro wager  to participate in freeroll events. In that way (99% RTP) I didn't loose that much, but I have nice chance to make some profit out of freespins. Not much, but with that system I  made like 150-180 euro profit in 3 weeks. Literally, like that way I was playing with positive outcome. Sadly they realized today and changed the rules. Now you need to get 500 XP to be able to participate in freerolls. I think no need to say there is not worth it to play (and loose in a long run) just to get some (mainly) useless freespins. Same happened with weekly cashback feature. Before if you played like 300-400 spins at min bet you got like 3 euro cahback end of the week. Now they introduced the brand new fantastic Clash of Spins and you need to play like 500-600 spins at min bet to get only 5 FS. Golden rule: nothing free anymore.

To be honest I never tried to cheat on the system. I do the math and just played as optimized as I could. I don't think I was the only one who played like that, but I am proud to found the weak point on the biggest online casino.

Goodbye Videoslots, I walk away like only few player: with profit



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